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Jinxed Myself


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Just when things were going well..Heartrate stable, BP o.k., working out, meds doing great..No brain fog for weeks..BOOM!! I aid the other day when asked how I was doing? Great I really feel a lot better. 24hours later I was in the ER. My coreg and digitek got to working a little to well and I ended up severly Braadycardic and Low BP. I could not think, walk straight, my head was buzzing, tingiling, the world was spinning and I had to tell myself to breathe. THey kept me at the hospital, said to get a Eltrophysiology Study as soon as possible, consider new meds and a pacemaker, and sent me home to be seen by my doc on Wedsday. Now I am still foggy and can't stand up for long, the world still spins and I am Tachy again but I am enjoying the buzzy feeling..HA HA. No gym till I get to the cardiologist and that really *****. The good news is I lost 5lbs somewhere between Weds and Thursday after stopping my meds and getting all those fluids. I am hiwever very thankful for the good weeks/months that I had.

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Hi Pamela,

I'm just curious if you have had a 30-day heart monitor.

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