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Licorice Root to replace Florinef

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My doctor suggested to me months ago to try using licorice root, as it is known to have similar effects to Florinef (water/sodium retention and increases blood pressure). It works as cortisol does by supporting the adrenal glands. BUT everything I read says never to take it for more than 6 weeks...because it could cause high BP, potassium loss, and edema- but for us, does this apply? I've been taking it before bed for several months, and am tapering off Florinef right now so I'd like to replace the morning Florinef dosage with licorice root as well, if it's safe to take long term- it seems to me that it has much the same side effects as the steroid. Does anyone have input on this?

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Hi Jessica, I used licorice root continually for about a year. I finally stopped taking it because it increases estrogen levels which was giving me increased anxiety as well as acne. But, keep in mind, that was after a *year*. My doctor originally told me that I could take it long-term no problem. When I brought my complaints to his attention he told me to take for a month or so, then take a few weeks off and so on.

I didn't think licorice root affected potassium levels....do you know where you read that? I'm curious. I was also under the impression that long term use was generally ill-advised because of the high blood pressure (which for us isn't a problem).

Keep us posted!


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That's good to know! Is there anything else I should look for that increased estrogen might cause? I have previously had problems with recurring yeast infections, which I was told could've been from excess estrogen due to the birth control pill, which I no longer take. I hope this doesn't cause that problem again...

Anyhow, here is the link to Web MD where I found some good info:


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