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Still Going Strong

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Hi all.

Would just like to inform you i am still going very strong. My body building is going fine, im drinking alot of protien drinks to help muscle build and ive also started to do KickBoxing because i feel so good!

Im now working as a window fitter and earning a living.

Although my problems still effect me i have learnt to ignore them, and whenever i get problemsw whilst training or working i channel the energy into something posative so that i can continue to train/work without being affected.

This time last year i was in the pits, really in the pits, now im awfully high. Im becoming a body builder, a kick boxer and i do a labour manual job. Things are looking up.

I think im suffering a bit of IBS, when i work to hard i get stomach acid come up, also after eating i feel very drained and usually have a nap. When i get stomach problems i also get heart problems (slow/fast hr, palps, low/high bp, can varey depending on what im doing). But the doctor will clear all this up when i visit.

I also learnt that a freind at the gym recently had a heart attack and belive me he is very strong and muscular, im not sure if hes on steroids for training, but his will and determination makes me a better fighter in life.

I urge anyone to get up and do something in life, i started small, very slow trainning, when i started i was tiered in seconds, but now i can do 2 hours easy, run 4 miles easy and kick box, its a big step up considering last year i was usless. The mind CAN play a big part on the way we act and think about ourselves, you need to overcome this and get used to your problems and just fight them off, even though it can seem impossible, it isnt.

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Thank you for the encouraging post. This morning I just said to my husband I need to dig out my exercise machine for my legs. I have really been lax about exercise and it is time to change that.

Your post came at the perfect time. I'm glad you are doing so much better.

Dawn :o

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Your post is encouraging to know that things can change. I was hoping that after a year, my body would turn around. I have my mind in the right place many times, believe me-but the body isn't in the right place. I do believe in mind/body connection and that is why everyday, even at my bottom of bottom days - I try to focus on movement of any kind. It may not be kickboxing or weight lifting, but it's moving. Small steps. I did get motivated to print off once again, another combination of simple exercises. I can even do some in bed if I have to.

Glad you are doing so well--

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I hope you continue to do well! :)

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