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Ibs Or Something Else?!

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Hi guys,

I don't know what the heck is going on with me lately. Today I have the palps off and on...My stomach isn't feeling too great either. I started feeling my heartrate go up and I got severe stomach pains, at this point my BP was 133/94 w/ pulse of 94....I went to the bathroom and then my bp went down to 119/78 with pulse of 78...a few mintues later my bp went to 103/73 w/ pulse of 95...

Does this sound like IBS? Or could my heartrate and BP just be messed up?! I don't know what to do anymore...... :o

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I am having a bad day too, HR was up this morning and BP down, woke me up. :(

Not sure about your IBS, which is a problem for me, but whenever I am symptomatic - I will need to use bathroom and can't wait because my HR and BP will elevate and I will feel horrible. It then will go down after. I sometimes will feels shaky for awhile after as well.

I don't worry about my heart rate as much, because they are so varied, unless way out of line for me. Not that I don't check when symptomatic, but I just try to get through the symptoms that drive me crazy. If they are way out of line for my high or low I worry.

IBS is something usually pretty on going and chronic. I am not sure if that is your experience? I will fluctuate between can''t go and can't wait -if you know what I mean. :o

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Hi Nadine,

I am the same way. Sometimes during dinner I have 3 bites of a mean and I must get to the bathroom RIGHT AWAY... It just seems like the IBS makes my heart/bp issues alot worse :o

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