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Adrenaline Rush?

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I was wondering if anyone else could describe their adrenaline rush feeling. I have had many instances of racing heart but last night was the worst. I am a teacher and was sitting at a school board meeting. Out of nowhere, my heart began to race faster than I had ever felt before. Normally I am able to deep breathe to try to slow it down. However, this time it was beating so fast that I had to breathe really fast at the same time. I excused myself and went to lay down in the teacher's lounge. After about ten minutes it subsided and I was able to return to the meeting. I had some minor chest pain after. Is this an adrenaline rush? My question is also are there any long term effects from your heart racing like this? My fear is that when it is racing it will beat so fast that it will just stop. This really scares me and last night I could not breathe. I do have a cardiologist, but he just prescribes me Toprol and says I shouldn't worry. Thank you for reading this- I just needed to write about it and hear other experiences because I am feeling worried.

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That sounds like a typical POTS event--I have had that very thing happen to me, but if it is something new for you, talk to your doctor for peace of mind! I understand your fear--I have also been very scared by such events.

I feel confident to say that there would be no long term damage caused by experiencing a very rapid heartrate on occasion. I believe that chronic tachycardia over 120bpm can cause problems/ would be a cause for concern. Please talk to your doctor to get the reassurance you need--feeling anxious can make POTS worse than it needs to be.

Take care and hope you are feeling better today.


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Have you ever worn a holter monitor or had an event monitor? I have these episodes, my heart goes into a rhythm called SVT. It stands for supraventicular tachycardia. The rate stays at about 180, I feel short of breath and tingly.

They told me not to worry about it. It is common to become short of breath when our hearts are beating hard.

I would ask for a 30 day event monitor and try to catch the rhythm and have it checked by a cardiologist. Just plain old sinus tachycardia can make me feel the same way. I know it is scary but unlikely your heart will stop. Did you try coughing or bearing down, that will sometimes make it stop. What works best for me is chugging ice water. :)

Good Luck


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