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Low Heartrate Due To Midodrine?

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Hi guys,

I'm just curious if it is normal to have my heartrate be in the low 60's while on Midodrine?? I forgot to take my Toprol last night, so I know it's not due to the Toprol....Just wondering if anyone has had the same prob..if it is a prob, LOL.


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~waving~..i did.. Midodrine dropped mine to the low 30's and had to be taken to e.r. etc.. So no more for me.. i probably had too much of a dose but still..scared me enough.. Hope you do okay..


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I do believe that because midodrine raises your blood pressure, your heart rate decreases because it does not have to compensate for orthostatic intolerance.

I would have that checked out by your doctor though, because 30 bpm is an awfully low heart rate.

I have noticed that my resting heart rate is slower also, but trying to sleep at 100 bpm can never be comfy!


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Yeah, when I'm on just beta blockers, when lying down my resting heart rate is about 50... when I've been off of them for a while and am laying down and the body's not acting funky, it's about the same... now that I'm on the 10 mg of ProAmatine, my resting heart rate isn't even 40 half the time. The doc cut my BB dose in half, but so far it hasn't helped. Hmmm..

good luck!!!

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