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Wide Ranging Bp's

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hey folks I'm wondering.. as I have been going thru my med records over the past 4 years..I'm noticing that there are some pretty big differences in my BP's (and HR's but that we allready know about) I'm wondering is it normal w/ pots to have really high BPs'??

meaning 190-200/ over 100-145? and then the next day literally have a BP of 45/23 or 90/54? to have such drastic changes? and such big spikes?

I was wondering as I was reading if maybe my body is REALLY trying to OVER compensate to keep me conscious? But uh several BP reading of the top number being higher them 160 is a bit concerning.. and consistant bottoms number of 90-100 and higher... that makes me wonder too!! so do the BP reading of 130/0--150/0-- that is just odd..

but then i thought of a conversation (about my 200+hr's) i had with my potsy doc about 9 months back.. and I reconsidered my idea of over compensating..

anywhoo..the low BP's I understand... can you have both hypotension and hypertension w/ dysautonomia??

I'm just curious to see what you all think.. I'm not looking for a medical dx'.. I'm just bouncing thoughts of mine off your guys heads!! (i'm trying to bounce softly!!! lol :) )

and I'm trying to piece the the gigantic zig-saw puzzle together as well.. and would appreciate any thoughts or "opinions!"

thanks a bunch


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Yup- my BP does that too, when meds are not working or am not on meds. I still get swings when on meds, but not THAT huge, unless under strange circumstances (like Versed- 50/30ish).

IMHO, a BP that spikes that high on occasion isn't dangerous, but an unfortunate trend in "overcompensation," and as long as it doesn't stay like that most of the time, then you should be OK. If you're worried, though, ask the doctor! :)

But yeah, I and plenty of others definitely get hypo AND hypertension... I tried telling my GP way back before getting diagnosed that i felt sure that mine fluctuated a lot, but she didn't believe me. Just doubled my BB dose. Hmph.

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yeah me too ernie!! scary thing is my BP had been realy high even with BB's!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!

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Hey Dizzy,

Did you read the posts about ANSAR? I have been trying to learn about how this test works. One thing I read is that if your autonomic nervous system is having a parasympathitic response to a sympathetic challange, you are more likely to have labile bp's. The same thing happens with diabetics who have blood sugars all over the place. It is called PPS (paradoxical parasympathetic syndrome). My guess is you don't sleep so good.

PPS is being found to underlie ADD, Gulf War syndrome, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. I am trying to get people who are most affected by autonomic nervous system dysfunction to get their docs to get ANSAR in their office to do testing. ANSAR will try to test you in your doctor's office if the doctor will agree. I was diagnosed with POTS 4 years ago and never heard of ANSAR until January 2006. This has been a blessing for me. On the meds I am currently taking, I no longer show all the signs of POTS. I still have a slight sympathetic withdrawal with standing but no tachycardia.

I was so impressed with ANSAR testing, I contacted them in their Philadelphia office. These people are so wonderful and the work they are doing should really change the way doctors look at treatment. Let me know if you want to get help to have your doctor agree to test you in his office. If you have one of the mainstream insurance carriers they will probably pay for it. And your doctor will be able to keep the reimbursement. That's how ANSAR is trying to get into the doctor's offices. They will test and the doctor can bill and keep the money. It beats lunch.

Let me know.


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Mine is all over the place too. Mayo doctor wrote a diagnosis of labile blood pressure.

My first tilt table I was hypotensive. My second tilt table a doctor walked in and said "Oh, you are


I just stopped checking it.


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My BP has been all over the place lately. I just started my higher dose of Midodrine today, so who I'll let you know how I make out on it. B)


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thanks folks.. i was just wondering if any body else is like this as well.. before i was diagnosed with pots in 2002.. they said i had hypertension a few years prior to he mess of 2001-2002... b/c my BP's where more high then low at that point... now its more low with some spiking and flatlining thrown in the mix..(gotta keep things interest i suppose.. NOT!!)

I am on beta bloclers 2 of the actually... and i take them like clock work everyday.. my body lets me know if i'm late taking them it goes bonklers

janetrn--yes i have a severe case of pots that is not and has not responded to any drug well other then my current BB"S.. and that is a low best at best...it keeps my ticker at bay in the typically the 80-120 range.. with lovely bouts of really high tachy 200+ rates .. and yes i am diabetic.. and no i dont sleep well either!!!!!i

thanks folks


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