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Scary...familar To Anyone?


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Now this I think is a first for me. I took a nap during the day and recall trying to wake up, and having wierd heart rate, and feeling like I had to struggle to wake up.

Freaked me out a little.

(Got an O2 condenser today on loan as oxygen seems to help a bit with the heart rhythm, and waiting for Lyme results.)

Is this being unable to wake along with chest flutters familiar to anyone?


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That is very common for me. And like you, I notice it alot more after I wake up from a nap. I'm not sure what helps, because if I don't take my BB at night before I go to bed I wake up in the middle of the night with palps, tachy, etc. Soo, I wish I could be more help, but if you find anything that helps let me know!


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When I actually pass all the way out I get that feeling several times before I can finally wake all the way up.

Since I've been on meds, I don't pass all the way out, but I still get that feeling sometimes when I have a bad spell and have toruble breathing or heart rate is really wild or if either or both stop, and especially when I come really close to passing out. Its as if I'm trying to wake up or get fully conscious but my body doesn't have enough oxygen yet so it says No Way Jose, go back to sleep, or don't become as conscious as I'm trying to. Oxygen REALLY REALLY helps when it happens, so that's part of what led me to that explaination.

Hope this helps,


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I've had POTS for years, but this is the first time I really got scared (ok the second. The first is when I got a bp reading something like 55/48 laying down) It was as if I had fainted in my sleep (I'm not usually syncopal-just pre-syncopal) everything was kinda dark, and couldn't push it away.

The oxygen seems to be helping some, until I exert myself. Definitely more focused with the oxygen. The machine makes a lot of noise though, so I guess I'll only use it at night for emergencies.

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