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First Appointment With Dr Grubb


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Hi everyone. Am planning my trip for my first appointment with Dr Grubb in September. We are so far from Toledo that we need to fly in, stay at a hotel, etc. Any recommendations on the least expensive places to stay, visit?? Any ideas on what I should take, etc??



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The Hilton is on the MUO campus and if you call and let them you're a patient, they may offer you a patient discount. You might have to ask for the discount. I've heard of folks getting as low as about 60$ a night, but I think that all depends on the season and if you're appointment is anywhere near a holiday weekend, it may be more $$.

I've had good experiences using Hotwire to book hotels for much less than any advertised price. I usually can get a 3 to 3.5 star hotel for about 70$/night--they wont tell you which hotel until you've completed the transaction, and you pay for your entire stay in advance--but they will give you an idea of which hotels fall under which star levels. With Hotwire (and Priceline) your hotel room is not refundable, so if there is any chance you wont be going, be sure to get trip insurance for the extra 15$--that way if you're too sick to fly, you wont have lost all your $$. I have no affiliation with any of these companies, just sharing what I've done when I travel to MUO to see Dr. G. I've actually done better money-wise with online booking through Hotwire than trying to use my AAA discount card.

As for saving $ for airtravel, I've not found any good tricks to share with that one! Wish I did :) b/c it's awfully pricey to fly. I've been on the discount airlines to the midwest--and flown the bigger airlines too--mixed results with all of them--depends on the day, the weather, the time of day, etc. Try to let them know ahead of time or at least at the counter, that you may need extra assistance and/or may need a wheelchair or electric cart to get to/from your gate.


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