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Went On An Adventure In My Wheelchair..

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Hi folks I thought I'd share with you that I had a quarter of a functioning day today!! I'm potsy but not to the point of no return.. (meaning I can sit up right today! for a little bit) having tachycardia..abit mroe then usuaul.. but i think the ability to use my wheel;chair really headed off a crash!! BOy this thing can book if you turn it up to full speed.. i mean for a wheelchair that is!

And it was a good day ontop of it the potsy stuff.. b/c my grammy and my aunt and 2 of my cousins where in town for the day..(they all live out of state) and my mom and brother where there too..(they also live quite a distance away)..my one cousin is going to be 13 this month or is it next month?? and she is total teenager!..I was like wow! I used t change to diapers and now you are 13~!!! she was like OMG!! you know teenage mortified.. too funny!

But anywhoo.. I rode on the city bus in my wheelchair to the mall...and i was able to be there for about 2 hours... I had abit of trouble.. but was able to recline back and prop my feet up on a bench.. I actually on went into like 2 stores and spent a grand total of like 5 minutes all together in there!

and the rest of the time everyone sat on benches chit chatting.. so that was nice.. i enjoyed my self and now I'm ready for a nap..

But just wanted to share good news with you for a change.. it seems i keep posting about the cruddy depressing stuff.. and thought well how about something happy!!

Allrighty its time for anap!!!!


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Congrats Linda!!! I hope you get more days like this!

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THANKS!!!!!!!! i really did enjoy my day today...!! :) :) :) :) L:)

mom4cem---yes i probably will terrorize the roads!! and the sidewalks and walls!! my mom and aunt/brother where teasing me this afternoon.. they noticed the "paint scrappings" on my arms on the chair.. and asked what it was.. I told them paint.. :):P:o they laughed :D:P .. i told them that when i get symptomatic that i cant steer the chair or see straight.. and as a result I have multiple colors of pains on my chair.. from my apartment/building and the hospital walls.. (i was very syncopal one afternoon and had to make my way to radiology.. well i brought part of radiology home with me!! hahahaha :P:P

oh well.. no harm done...(except for the missing paint..LOL

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