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Brushing Teeth Trigger For Near/ & Syncope?

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hello folks me again!

I'm wondering.. aside from the usuall issues involved in trying to stand to brush your teeeth.. do any of you find that it you stand and brush your teeth (even after you've stopped brushing).. that you get incredibly nauseated?

even if you sit down to brush your teeth??

I've noticed that brushing my teeth seems to be a trigger for syncope or near syncope in the summer months.. I hope you all dont think that I'm nuts!

but seriously.. yesterday.. I woke up not feeling well.. and i figured that the least i could do today was brush my hair and pull and pin it back and brush my teeth.. since I was feeling cruddy.. a shower was not an option..

anyways..I got as far as getting the tooth brush wet.. and brushing a little bit and i started to feel REALLY over heated.. (mind you its only roughlt 60-65 degree's out here the past fews days!).. I was thinking geez just let me brush my teeth.. and sat down to finish.. well I got the incredible urge to puke.. and really dizzy.. so I'm like ok enough tooth brushing... and grabbed 2 washcloths and stuck it under the cold water then layed the wet cloth across the back of my neck and held one on my face..... apparently not soon enough.. b/c I started puking violently.. and couldnt see straight.. and the room was seriously spinning.. and the floor felt like it was moving and going to disappear beneath my feet..

I came SOO close to passing out on my bathroom floor.. i couldnt get cooled down to save my life.. and the puking didnt want to stop.

Do any of you get yellow ( i call them lighting bugs) things fly around your head before you pass out? I had an exsplosion of them.. and the black ring that forms around my eyes that shrinks..

a few years back during a hospital admission.. I got up to brush my teeth.. and was only standing less then a minute. and my heart rate shot up to 175.. the nurse was there in short order and i wasnt aloud to get up by myslef for the rest of the day!

it amazes me how a simple thing such as brushing my teeth be it sitting or standing triggers such a potsy attack and syncope.. and it happens during the summer months like clock work! for the past 6-7 yrs.. it will go like this now thru september... and i cant not brush my teeth yuck!.. I've tried using just mouth wash sometimes till evening.. but it seems to be putting something in my mouth that triggers its.. not just brushing my teeth.. sounding werid yet??? YUP

yesterday i crawled into the shower after the syncope stuff settled down a little bit and sat bottom of the shower and let the cool water run.. b/c i was so over heated. it was making me feel really sick... then aftr wards i slept allmost 5 hours..

any one else experience this or am I loosing my marbles?

i dont understand how something so simple can casue such a rough time!!!!! its down right pathedic! lord i hate summer time ( the humiditiy and heat that is!!!.. but love that there isnt any snow on the ground!)

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Hi LInda,

I have never had that symptom...Have you told you doctor about it, because that is very weird to have. The more physical stuff such as walking, standing, etc. seem to bother me the most by far.

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I've actually heard of this before.

Brushing your teeth, even without pots syndrome, can trigger tachy like symptoms.

They noticed this with me because I was having some serious tachy in the morning and wanted to know if i was brushing my teeth. Unfortunately, I wasn't but...

I never ceases to amaze me what can set our bodies off. :angry:

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hmm. i talked to my mom.. and she gets sick feeling to brushing her teeth!.. she has not been dx'd with pots.. but i'd bet money that my mom is a potsy girl too.. along with grammi and a few other women and possible men in my family..

i dont know chalk it up to another weirdness of dysautonomia.. how nutty

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If you brush your teeth like I do, you lean over the sink. For me, leaning over even slightly in the morning makes me sick to my stomache. I've taken to sitting on the side of the tub and brushing. It has worked for me most of the time.

Now I am gonna tell you that you are the first person I have met that has the lightning bugs also. I thought I was mental. I see them when I sneeze sometimes or when I am lightheaded or even when I am peeing. (sorry to be graphic). They also happen if I stand up too fast or cough too hard.

Best of luck!

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anything that causes me to elevate my arms above my chest level, even just a bit, may cause me to be symotomatic. I think the visual floaters are rather common with presyncope, syncope,or even for some people without illness. I know people who get them with light changes or movement, getting up or down. I always say when in doubt,be sure to let your physician know.

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