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Bowel Issues

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Hey folks..

I'm wondering how do you guys deal with constipation? I'm not able to take stool softners (sp??) and stuff like that.. But I'm so freakin' constipated that its like trying to pass a cement brick w/ thorns :wub::o:P (sorry i dont mean to graphic.. but holy cow!!!!!!) and OUCH!!!!!!! :blink::(:blink:

I usually alternate between constipation and diarrhea.. I've only had one real bad bout of diarhea this week.. and that left me puking and sick.. UGH. :angry:

So how do you regulate yourself w/o medications? any idea's other then prune juice or prunes?


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I am working with a natural path, and she has been very helpful with the constipation isssue. I had it pretty bad for about 3 months. She had me take 1 Tablespoon of molasis every day along with drinking Mineral Water, it seemed to work. She is also having me take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda 2X per day in water. The Baking soda and mineral water help to balance the PH in my digestive track. I was highly acidic, and when I started drinking the mineral water and baking soda with water my diagestive issues got a lot better. The molassis is also very helpful as a natural stool softener.

I have the admitt I don't enjoy the tablespoon of molassis, but it helps if you can stand it.

Good Luck, I know it is not much fun.


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I have the exact same problem! I've actually torn my "pipes" before trying to push out those hard BMs, and ended up bleeding.

I'm scheduled to see a Gastroenterologist after my Neurology work up, but in the meantime I eat lots of fruit and oats. I do take 1/2 an immodium every other day and that seems to keep my bowls from getting too loose (as diarrhea is also a major problem and has landed me in the ER on more than one occasion). So far things seem to work with those two "treatments".

Good luck with the BMs! :angry:

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lol.. well hey i dont know how else to word it w/o being super gross!!

but thanks for the pointers folks.... hopefully one of them will things "along!"

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I have the same problem. My doctor said no laxatives because they will dehydrate me even more. If I havent' went

for a couple days 2 tablespoons of maalox does the trick.

Helps with the nausea too.

Good Luck,


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I have had the same poblem. I tried metamucil (3 doses a day was not adequate), stool softeners (don't work a smidge) laxatives (this was definitely not a good idea!) A colon doctor told me to eat high fiber cereal every morning. This works! Perfectly!

The trick is that most people don't know what high fiber means. The daily requirement is 20 - 25 grams per day. Many cereals say high in fiber but they have only 8 or 10 grams of fiber per serving. The colon doc told me to eat a cereal that has a minimum of 15 to 20 grams of fiber. There are only a couple of cereals that do this and they taste like cardboard, but they do work.

I use a cereal that I have been ordering from the internet because I can't find it in the stores. It is a little company that makes it and it is called SIMPLY FIBER made by Benefit nurtirion. It has 14 grams of fiber, no sugar, made from bran, whole grain wheat and whole grain corn. It tasted superior to the cardboardy ones from the grocery. And it has worked wonderfully well. I put strawberries and blueberries on it and add milk. This is my breakfast every morning.

Here is a link to the Benefit Nutrition page:


I found one box of this cereal on a shelf at a big health food store and bought it because of the high fiber content. Then when it worked, I tried to buy more and the store I bought it in says they do not carry it and never have carried it and can't even order it. Yet the single box I bought scanned when I paid for it. Maybe it was a sample and they sold their sample. Anyway, I ordered 12 boxes from the website and had to wait about 4 weeks to get it, but it has been worth it.

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