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Update On Mother!


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Hello All,

Well I am back home now. My mom is doing better now after surgery. She is going to have to under go chemptheraphy, and most likly radiation as well, but will not know everything untill June 20th. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she is overwhelmed right now as three weeks ago she did now there was anything going on to now having cancer, and has already under gone surgery. The surgery was very hard on her as she lost 1/4 of her blood. She got vert sick, passed out 4 times. the last time the only was they got her back was by giving her blood, and fluids. So she been thought alot and still has more to go thought.

I want to thank all of you for your support you have given to me, and prayers for my mother. I am very greatfull! :angry:


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Conitnued thoughts and prayers for your family as you face the many challenges ahead. I am glad she is home from her surgery and hope she is able to build up some of her strength again before her treatments. It sure must be overwhelming for all of you, as you stated so much has happened since she just learned of the diagnosis. WIshing you the very best and hope we can all help provide you with support you need as well. :angry:

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Hi, there. Glad to hear the surgery is done with. I hope your mom gets better soon. :angry:

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