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Here We Go Again...

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Hi all,

As some of you may remember, in april I had to sue my apartment building to get them to turn on the AC (I have heat intolerance big time). I thought my heat woes were over, but as it's gotten warmer outside, so too has my apartment. I've come to find out that my building's version of AC is really an outdated cooling system that involves running "cooled" water though pipes and blowing a fan on it. The air that comes out of my "air conditioning unit" is only a "frosty" 70 degrees!

I live on the 16th floor, with a balcony door facing west, so in the late afternoon, with the sun beating down on that huge glass door, it can get up to 85 degrees in my apartment even when the AC's running full blast.

I've called management about switching to a north, or east facing unit on a lower level, but they're not responding. I'm so depressed about this. Once again, my health is suffering because of their indifference. I'm now preparing to AGAIN call the housing department and file ANOTHER claim against them, but I can only cry about how rediculous this is.

Can't people be decent to eachother? What did I ever do to these managers to make them want to hurt me so much? I just want to curl up in a ball under the blankets when I think about it.

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Guest CyberPixie

Can you not buy a portable a/c unit until things get sorted? That's all I have because houses and buildings in the UK dont normally have a/c (Our hospitals dont even have them!!!).

I can sympathise, I too am very heat intolerant, it's a nightmare.

I think my portable a/c is on its way out so I'm stressed about that. I bought another one but it doesn't work properly and doesn't cool the room so that's going back and hoping to exchange it.

Hope you manage to get something sorted.

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I don't really have much to offer but I do feel badly about how you are feeling and the situation you are in. I have heard the portable ones are nice. Guess you have to have someone who is knowledgeable on the right one to buy.

I don't know anything about housing so I can't offer help there. I am sure you are keeping it documented on how and when you have called etc. Please don't go under the blankets, it is way to warm under there :lol: (a poor attempt at being funny)

I really wish I could offer you some ideas.

I hope you can get this resolved soon.

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You made me laugh! Yes, it is too hot under those covers!

I actually have a portable AC unit in the bedroom, which, on hot days, can keep the temp below 80. However, it lets all the humidity in with that cold air, so instead of a hot, dry apartment, I have a cold, wet one. It makes it so I don't faint, but it's still pretty miserable.

I know I'll survive in the meantime, but mostly I just can't believe that my building manager would be so cruel to me...AGAIN. In april, I had to go to the ER twice because of passing out in the heat. The housing department (and not one, but two lawyers) had to threaten exorbitant fines in order to get her to turn on the AC. I was hoping this time around she'd be more understanding (even if it was for the wrong reasons).

I'm just barely able to cope with daily living requirements, to add stress because of a situation like this is just too much!

Mostly, I was raised to always be kind to people, even if you don't agree with them. I keep the golden rule in mind with every thing I do...I guess I was just hoping my good karma would pay off.

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I live in South Florida so I understand a bit. I've noticed that a ceiling fan helps cool down my bedroom quite a bit. It helps the A/C and does not cost a fortune to buy or run.

Wish I had more suggestions. I'm also heat intolerant and I'm hoping to move when my daughter graduates high school in 2 years. The northern states are looking pretty good right about now. :lol:

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Sorry you are having such a hard time. Do you have any other support from other renters in the building to push the a/c issue?

Well, I am not sure what the housing situation is there, but I am sure it is like most areas in that it is difficult to find an affordable place in a good location. Would it be possible for you to relocate to another building on a lower level? I understand that it would be a nightmare to think of moving, but if this situation continues to be a problem for your health, maybe that would be helpful?

Good luck to you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi All,

I just wanted to update this post because things are starting to happen now. It's been over three weeks since I made my initial complaint about the heat in my apartment. I've had to contact the housing office, and have a case-worker calling the building manager on my behalf.

In the meantime I've had to stay in a hotel because in the afternoons my apartment can get up to 90 degrees even with the AC running :( It's because the western wall of my apartment is entirely glass. In the afternoon, the sun beats down on that sucker like you wouldn't believe!

It's pretty depressing that this is the SECOND time this year that I've had to get the housing department involved because of disability discrimination in my building. I've never been treated so carelessly and maliciously in my life...most people are at least civil to those with disabilities!

So, by law, my building manager has to accommodate me, and she's even required to pay my hotel bills, since the costs were incurred because of her discrimination.

I'll let everyone know how it turns out.



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Hi Lauren,

Glad to hear you are atleast in a cool place. Let us know how things turn out.


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Thanks Jacquie,

I got a call from my landlord today who said she "never recieved" any of the letters I sent her, and somehow also missed the 10 phone calls! Anyways, the housing department did speak to her, and she's found a unit on a lower level facing east, so the sun won't be such an issue. However, the unit's been freshly painted and I can't tolerate fumes, so we're going to have to air it out for a few days before moving in.

I still don't know if there's going to be a charge for the move, but seeing that it's for medical reasons, it's hard to imagine they could charge me. Either way, I'm happy to pay any reasonable fee as long as I can get myself cooled down!

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