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Dad Having Surgery Tomorrow


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(just in case my mom doesn't have enough going on dealing with me... B) )

my dad's having knee replacement surgery bright & early tomorrow (friday) morning. it's a bit more than the "norm" b/c he's already had multiple surgeries so there's a lot of scar tissue, etc. and recovery-wise his other knee isn't too grand either (needs a replacement too but they recommend only one at a time).

and obviously i hate the fact that i can't help out at all :( but that's another post for another day...

anyhoo, i figure any extra prayers & good thoughts can't hurt.

many thanks,

B) melissa

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Hope the surgery goes smoothly along with a speedy recovery. :)

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Guest Julia59

Sunfish----I had the pleasure of meeting both of your parents several years ago. They came to a Christmas party that I had for our local support group. They are such nice people, and I have had some very nice conversations with your mom. They are so down to earth----just very nice.

Your Dad will certainly be in my prayers for a successful and safe surgery. Let your mother know we think of her kindness often. Ron would sometimes see her while delivering mail in that neighborhood----she was always so nice to him.

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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Hey Melissa,

I'll be thinking about you and your family. I hope everything goes according to plan and that your dad will be up and walking around as speedily as he estimates ;-) Hang in there...i know it's hard when you feel stuck at home and not able to physically DO anything, but by praying we are all doing something mighty. You know my prayers are with you all...you, mom, dad, and bro.


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Hey Me,

Have you heard any news as to how the surgery went? That is the worst part I think...that waiting for the person you love to get out of surgery. And, I know it is so hard b/c you are in you apt. and not at the l'hopital...

As always, love and hugs your way and good thoughts for your whole family...

Love, em

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thanks so much for all of the good thoughts & prayers...

my dad's out of surgery & recovery & in his room. surgery went well...just a bit longer than anticipated due to how bad the knee was. he had epidural anesthesia & sedation so "came out" of surgery quite readily and according to my mom was amazingly comfortable earlier as the epidural hadn't entirely worn off. i just talked with my brother though and he's now struggling a lot more with pain. i'm sure for awhile it will be tough but hopefully on the other side he'll be in less pain than he has been for years...

the only real excitement of the morning was my brother's car breaking down on the way to the hospital. my parents had convinced him to come at surgery time rather than for all the prep earlier. luckily he was only a block or so from the repair shop who knows our whole family and where he even did a mini-internship in high school. so he walked there & one of the guys took him to the hospital while some others pushed the car off the road. eh well...never a dull moment.

thanks again,

:lol: melissa

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Hey! I just read this post today... I'm glad to hear that your dad had a smooth surgery. I will pray for his recovery.

Please let us know how things go.


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OH My Melissa--sounds like your family had an eventful day! Hopefully they were able to get your dad some good pain control--being in less pain will help him to heal faster. It's cool that they didn't use general anesthesia because, again, he'll perk up faster. Teri's had nearly all surgeries, including a hysterectomy, under an epidural and local (two sinus surgeries too). For all of them, she was out of the hospital in half the time of the average patient. Go Dad! Go Dad! Hope he's trotting down the hall soon and ready to get back to his own home. :angry:


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