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My Birthday Present


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Today is my 59th birthday. This morning Jeff gave me 2 wrapped presents. My first thought was that I wanted desperately to save one unwrapped for next year. After I opened the first one, Jeff made me open the second one. It was a small bag I had wanted for my bike but scads of those large size, individually wrapped life savers fell out of the box. I thought he had given me candy. Then he told me I am his lifesaver.

I think today will be a cry day.

I know this is a DINet forum. And feel I belong here because I have POTS, but I really don't give my POTS much thought any more.

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Happy Birthday!! :) What a sweet and thoughtful husband you have!! Cry all you need too, sometimes you need to cry before you can begin to feel better..

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Jan, realistic or not, I'm sending hopes that you and Jeff have many birthdays together to come... My love to you both. Nina

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