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Normal Heartrate For A Few Days..

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I've felt almost normal -not that I really remember what normal was-the past few days. My hr has been in the 70's even 60's.(sitting) I hate to say it but it is a weird feeling to not have the constant awareness of my heart beating fast. Standing it goes up to the 80's which is great for me. Usually sitting is in the 80-90's and standing shoots right up to 120-140's. Only yesterday out of the past 4 days did I have some tachy in the a.m. I took a beta blocker earlier and it nipped it within 45min.

I almost feel like it is going too slow since being used to it fast. That sounds crazy :)

I know I should enjoy it while it lasts. I'm sure the tachy is just waiting around the corner again.

Just wish I could stop being so aware that it is normal.

Reading this post, it really does sound crazy. :o

Only new thing I added was potassium which I have been taking for at least 2weeks.

Anyone notice changes like that? From one extreme to the other?

Tell me am I bonkers!

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You are not bonkers!!!! My heartrate is all over the place. My co-workers have seen me through many "attacks" and we actually laugh about it. They make jokes about my heartrate suddenly going to 180 for no reason at all. It really helps to put things in perspective and they are so understanding. Enjoy the low heart rate! When my heart rate is low, I will try to go to the gym. Is your blood pressure low too?

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Guest CyberPixie

Mine got better after potassium. It is very weird and frightening to feel as if it's too slow after being so fast but you do get used to it quite quickly.

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