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The Creepy Crawlies

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Ola folks

I'm sitting here.. and for the past few hours I fel like there are bugs crawling on me! I'm getting terribly itchy... and really tachycardic (right now running at about 150-160).. yucky...I'm can feel the adrenaline starting to surge thru my body.. and i got the internal shakes...

i keep trying to focus my vision.. but everything si like allred looking..even my white walls!!

How do you all get rid of the the creepy crawly feeling?

I'm about to pop a benadryl.. thinking that might help.. but am looking for pointers!

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I made a post about this not too long ago on DYNA.... it was driving me crazy and wanted to see if any one else had this creepy crawling feeling. I was scratching so badly that it left big ugly bruises on my legs...ugh! I personaly stuck it through, the feeling went away eventually and only comes back for a little while every so often. I didn't take anything for it...but doesn't Benadryl have antihistamines in it?....I was told to stay away from Benadryl because the antihistamines can make your heart race...

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Just reading your post made me feel like things are crawling all over me!! Some times I use this lotion it's called Menphor cream, I forget the Brand name, Nina mentioned it before in one of her posts. I usually use it for sunburns or bug bites because I itch like crazy with the sunburns I get, but it might help with the feeling you got now...Hope it goes away soon, I know how annoying it is, on top of all other things!


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i did not take the benadryl.. i sat in the shower and ran cool water on me.. as that sometimes heads of a bad adrenaline surge... i used some aveeno soap (oatmeal to helpw itht ithcies that with the cold water helped me alittle bit...

but the surging tonight is inevitable i suppose

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hmm.. well the creepy crawlies left.. but not the surging! UGH

the neurology stuff is at a stand still lauren. I'm send ing my stuff (records) offf to TCI.. but that is going to take time for them to review the stuff and then waiting for an appointment OH MY!!!!!!

hopefully this process isnt going tot ake forever..

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