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Different Set Of Symtoms

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Hi all. I havnt been here for a while ive been busy. If you could read the short essay below, lol, and make a comment or some advice i would be greatful.

Ive been working latley doing alot of labour work, very intensive indeed. Ive also been going to the gym and doing my body building routine. Today im aching all over but that can be expected due to the ammount of intensive excersize im doing.

Over the past year when i stand up my heart rate dont increase but it decreases, it goes down, then returns to normal within a few seconds. Ive experienced no pains except a few sharp pains in the chest that go away, but ive been living with abnormalties for 3 years plus.

I awoke today to find my right foot feels tight, it dont look swollen, but feels very tight, when i walk the bottom muscle on my foot stretches. I sleep on a chair at the moment, cos of lack of beds in my house and problems, but my feet usually fall of the end onf the chair when i sleep , so this could be due to it. I also stand all day, as im a labourer, and go the gym for an hour a day with intensive workouts.

Im also on 100 grams + protien a day, due to bodybuilding routines.

Anyone got any info or advice or share any common symptoms.

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