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I went to see yet another doctor today....an internist..and he suggested that I try Scopolamine it's originally a sea-sickness medication that is in the form of a patch that i am supposed to put on behind my ear..... he said this could help with my vaso-vagal responce which causes the dysautonomia symptoms i get......he said it could help to "calm them down" so that i will be able to eat and not have random episodes of vertigo and weakness and headache..has anyone been prescribed this before??

any insight would be helpful thank you!

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i had scopalamine once for a meneiers attack. it caused me to have hallucinations, ie hamsters all over the place :o it can also make you very very dry. they use it pre op to slow down secretions, so just keep that in mind. it does work well for a lot of people, but not sure i'd try it again. morgan

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