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Can Someone Help Me With These Bloodwork Results?

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Low Hemoglobin 10.7 (12.0-16.0)

Low Hematocrit 34.4 (37-47)

Low MCV 77.5 (80-100)

Low MCH 24.1 (27-34)

Low MCHC 31.1 (32-36)

Low Creatinine 0.6 (0.7-1.4)

High RSW-CV 16.0 (11.7-15.0)

High Platelet Count 414 (150-400)

High Monocytes 12.4 (0-7.0)

High Vitamin b-12 837 (221-700)

High Folate >18 (2.8-18)

My iron levels were normal, so I'm concluding I have anemia but for non-iron reasons based on the low scores. White blood and red blood counts were normal also. I'm confused about the high monocytes and the high vitamin b-12 and folate. I don't take any supplements so anybody have any ideas?? Any ideas on any of it? I mean, doesn't the vitamin b-12 number seem really high?

I'm so tired of worrying all of the time that I have a horrible disease in addition to POTS. It occupies my thoughts several times a day. Then to have this blood work come back, I just don't know what to think.

I feel fine except for my tachy episodes, my hair is falling out (not through the day so much but after I wash and blowdry).

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At my appointment yesterday, he looked at bloodwork from February and said that I was probably anemic due to iron ~ hello?? nice to know the results from February in JUNE!! So, he had me go get more bloodwork done yesterday. The nurse called me this morning and said he wants to keep an eye on my low hemoglobin, to take the low dose iron pill (even though my iron level is normal??), and to get my blood redrawn before my August appt. So, if it was low in Feb., and is low in June, why am I waiting until Aug.?? I don't know. Frustrated.

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I don't blame you for being frustrated. It seems that many of the numbers are just a bit over or under the high and low values, so maybe they weren't as concerned. The exception being the two you mentioned. I think if my bloodwork did have comments as yours did on every reading- I would ask the nurse to have the physician call me for more details and more specific adivice. Maybe you need dietary changes? Regardless if you talk to the physician, it may put your mind at ease. Does your physician's office have a nutritionist- they may also be of help. They are often very informed on many areas. Just a thought.

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