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Cardio Apptmt Today...

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Hi guys,

I just got back a little while from my cardio apptmt. The Midodrine level I am on now 2.5mg has NOT helped my bp much. My bp today was 98/60 which doesn't sound too shabby, but I still am feeling pretty symptomatic.

My cardio is calling my neuro to see if he can get some results of the study and he is going to talk to my neuro about putting me on pyridostigmine (brand name is Mestinon). My cardio and I are actually thinking about switching me to a neuro @ the same hospital as my cardio, that way they can communicate more often, etc.

Before, I am put on the Mestinon I am going to try the Midodrine at 10mg 3 times a day. Due to the bad headaches I have been getting we're not sure how this is going to work out. I've had a brain MRI which came back normal, so who knows. I know that my cardio is going to talk to my neuro about the headaches I have been getting as well.

I was doing good on the Florinef, but I had to stop taking it due to these headaches I ended up getting during the 3rd month after I started the Florinef. It's not sooo much the meds that cause the headaches, but they sure do make the headaches worse!

Anyhow, I am just curious who has or is taking Mestinon and what their outcome has been so far.....Hopefully the Midodrine helps and I won't even have to take any new meds...

Thanks for reading this long post! :)


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Guest dionna

i have taken midodrine and florinef, both didn't do much. the mestinon was prescribed and i only took one dose because i found out that i am allergic to it. i had severve muscle cramps, stomach cramps, rashes, electricity feeling throughout my entire body, increased twiching, goosebumps, and all kinds of stuff that really scared me. i wish luck though may you have more success than i.


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Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking, I'm just curious about what you do take. :)

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