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Hypermobile/dislocating Joints?

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me again.. i wanted to expand a bit on what i posted about a few minutes ago..

along with the lack of muslce tone and stuff.. I've noticed the past few weeks during a paralysis spell that as i begin to gain feeling or bones back ( sounds crazy i know!! but i dont know how else to describe it)... as I'm trying to move my fingers or wrist or toes ( particularly on the left side of my body).. that my joints in my hand and wrist and toes are very mobile.. they bend all over the place.. and after I gain most and then all feeling back and try wiggling my fingers and stuff.. that my fingers especially snap in and out of there sockets...

and my joints at each bending point in my fingers and toes and wel everywhere...

I've wondered as well as a few people have said that they thought i have EDS.. But from what i recall.. doesnt EDS generally efect really petite thin people?

I'm far from thin.. though before i got really bad with pots..i was really skinny.. so i dont know..

any one got any idea's??



*****sidenote*********.. the apin from the moveable finger and toes is quite painfull... but generally I'm not hypernobile.. am i sounding crazy yet? t

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Within one of the EDS types, I believe there is a certain characteristic such as very short stature, thin nose, thin lips, large eyes and then other types seem to have a taller than average height, thinner than normal people. But, I have also seen pictures of people who do not fit into either description that also have EDS. It is determined by the defective gene whether or not someone will have EDS. Although, last time I read EDS III (hypermobile type)....they did not find the defective gene for that type yet.

I think it depends on the actual extreme hyper mobility you have and if you have other problems as well that fit into the EDS criteria for diagnosis such as the stretchy skin, painful joints, etc. And you can have a difference in degree of EDS, some people have a more mild form and some have a severe form of it within each type. A parent can have a severe problem with EDS while their child may have a more mild form or the other way around.

If you feel you have EDS, maybe try to see if you can get into a genetics doc who is familiar with EDS or Marfans. If your joints are dislocating and popping out of their sockets, I would think you would certainly have some sort of problem because that is definitely not a normal thing.

Check out the EDNF.org site for information on the criteria and they also have pictures there so you can see the hyper mobility of the joints. Although, a person can be just hyper mobile and not have EDS, so I would seek out a good physician.

Good luck

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thank you sally i will check that site out.. I do have joint pain all of the time.. and swelling at times as well..I'm not typically hypermobile.. but i do bend in some "akward positions" that creep people out...

thank you!

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