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Summer Food Ideas Anyone ?


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With summer almost upon us I thought it might be nice to exchange some summer food ideas, quick, easy , yummy foods for us to have over the warm period, stuff thats easy to get, easy to make and quick to disappear ....................

Here's my easy dessert idea;

I get my food for this from a rather well known English store with a food hall that's always on the telly advertising what you can get free if you spend a certain amount of money with them.

YOU NEED; 1 punnet strawberries. 1 pouch of raspberry dessert sauce ( this is a fresh raspberry sauce )

1 large extra thick vanilla yogurt or cream or ice cream ( as liked ) springs of mint & small ice

cream biscuits ( optional ) frosted tall glasses if you feel adventurous

( dip rim of glass in egg white then fine sugar and leave to set hard)

TO DO; Hull strawberries ( take stem off) cut in 1/2 or 1/3 depending on size.

Place in tall frosted glass and tip raspberry sauce onto them.

Top with cream, yogurt or ice cream and spring of mint + a whole strawberry.

Place glass on a plate and add 2 small ice cream ( thin sweet ) biscuits + 1 whole strawberry.


This can look really 'posh' for a dinner party if you use something like crystal cocktail glasses to eat from or tall wide wine glasses, you could also place the glass on a gold doilies and sprinkle the topping of your choice ( ice cream, yogurt or cream ) with chocolate curls.

I'm afraid I'm hooked on the strawberry + raspberry sauce thing at the time and keep buying punnets and punnets of this fruit , breakfast, lunch , supper ..............Yummy .

It really is quick , easy and the taste................OHHHHHHH you have got to try it . ;) Willows.

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Guest tearose


How refreshing and delicious this sounds.

How much is a punnet?

I got hungry for strawberries and berry sauce just hearing this.

Maybe I'll try this next week.


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Guess what I'm sitting here with right now ?

Yep.......... a glass of strawberries and sauce for breakfast !

Here just a thought , I wonder if its all the strawberries that's making me turn orange .............. :ph34r:

Well in UK a punnet is somewhere in between 225g and 500g.............a 225 g makes me 2 glasses, when I say glasses I dont actually mean glass.............illogical I now :ph34r:

But as I sometimes drop things ( cough, cough, shuffle , shuffle .........its my hands they dont close all the way, so the grips bad )

So I went out and bought myself a set of 4 clear ( well pale green) plastic stumpy tumblers , the sort you use to take on picnics or at a BBQ.

I find these are great as when I have a day in bed B) I dont have to worry about dropping the glass onto the floor and it breaking or laying on it in bed accidentally ( yes done both )

Dont store the made up dish in the fridge for to long as the sauce makes the berry's go mushy.

Its really hot here today , so we will have this for dessert later tonight at supper as well................the fruits are full of vitamin c and the fibre ( what there is of it) will help with any constipation problems.

WARNING; dont eat this if you are Diabetic.............

Well I'm off to enjoy a nice new book, happy cooking guys Willows. :ph34r:

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This is really easy, fairly light and mouth watering delicious. Cut peaches or nectarines in quarters, place flesh side down on the grill until heated through and slightly browned. Melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips, adding a little milk for thinning. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the warm grilled peaches and indulge.

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I pick up bags of frozen fruit when they are on sale--melon balls, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, peaches. I make a bowl of mixed fruit, allow it to defrost in the fridge over the course of the day, and then top it with fat free whipped topping for a tasty treat after my super.

I also like to have 3/4 cup of rice based pasta (I use Tinkyada brand) with a drained jar of artichoke hearts (quartered), garlic, olive oil and fresh basil from my garden...fresh chopped tomatoes too, if I have them--sauted quickly in some olive oil. Yum. Quick and healthy too.


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Another easy idea!!

Angel food cake




Vanilla Instant Pudding

We now have square angel food cake so a little easier to slice. But anyway. Slice and layer bottom of 9 X 9 or equivalent with angel food cake (I use a square tupperware dish)

Cover with vanilla pudding, Make a layer of strawberries, bananas and raspberries.

Repeat and refrigerate!!!



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