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Diagnositic Tests

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Had some items flagged on a series of blood tests,

RBC 4.19 Units/M/uL Ref Range 4.2-5.4

Rheumatoid Factor 93 Units/IU/mL Reg Range 94-170

EBV IgG Antibody

EBV VCA IgG Positive for EBV IgG antibodies Result: 200 Units/AU Referance Range <18

Does this mean my red blood count is low? What does this mean?

What does low Rheumatoid Factor mean?

Does the EBV mean I have been exposed to ebstein barr? Or what?

I asked Dr. he said don't worry about it. Well I worry about it! Can someone explain this stuff for me?

Thanks bunches,


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Kim, the rbc is very slightly decreased. I don't know of any doctor that would be concerned. Sometimes I'm not sure why there are parameters, because of the indifference when some things are off, but I digress.

I have never seen a rheumatoid factor result with numbers actually. It's either positive or negative. If they didn't use numbers, yours would have said negative.

Your epstein barr is positive, but the problem with that is a huge percentage of the population is positive, healthy or sick. It's just not a great test for specific stuff. I would hazard to say every person on the board is probably positive.

My rbc's are always low, always have been and have always been ignored. I've never even bothered with an epstein barr, just because it's not very helpful.

So if those were my results, I wouldn't worry. However, I am not you. But that's what I know about it..hope it helps...morgan

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