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Ssdi Hearing Over With, Thank Goodness

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Please note that my case is unusual because we are back dating it to when I was last eligible (ten years ago.) We are not having to prove I am disabled now, but disabled then.

No decision was made today.

The hearing went 'okay.' I liked the judge that I had (video teleconference) and felt very comfortable talking to him. He was semi-amused over my 7 inch thick medical file.

I like my lawyer(s), who remain optimistic. Dr. Grubb's records are still not in, and the judge wants to see them.

The judge called a vocational expert witness, who stated that as a hypothetical case of someone with my symptoms, that, that person could work AND work the jobs that I had. I did not even react to this, since it is plainly not true. (My lawyer did react.) There is nothing I can do about this. They were focusing mainly on my ability to concentrate, but I just don?t understand these things.

The hearing was exhausting and grueling physically. I had to brace myself with my arms to sit upright in my wheelchair, and holding my whole body rigid to stay upright is painful (especially later, when I have to get up and into the car!) I shook a bit from the chilly room and low blood sugar.

I did have one micro-sleep while the judge and lawyer were talking, and no one said anything. There is no way I can sit still with nothing to do and not fall asleep and that has been true for over twenty years. I didn?t have a hyperbeta adrenaline surge and for that I am thankful. In fact, I was calmer than I expected I would be.

I couldn't hold my neck up! I haven't had to sit in one place, with my legs down, for an hour and ten minutes in a long time! I tend to just 'go numb' in the rest of my body so I don't feel the pain, and then have it all crash down upon me later. I have my first appointment next week with a Rheumatologist who works with EDS. I hope I can get some help.

Even though we were supposed to be only considering the evidence of ten years ago, I was allowed to explain how my current diagnoses (POTS and EDS) are conditions that I was born with.

The judge gently admonished me when I said rather off hand, that one doctor thought I was crazy. He explained that in the setting I was in at that moment, mental health issues were a serious concern that were to be treated with respect.

I agreed.

I said that even if I had been thought to be 'crazy' then, I should have been offered treatment and I was not. I told the judge I was first told by a doctor that my ?problem? was depression in 1977, and, again I was offered no treatment. This is sad.

I am very thankful this part is over. It?s been 3.5 years so far, and I have to wait a few more months. *sigh*

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I don't know how you sat there for so long! Especially if cold. I would have had to leave. I'm glad you comfortable with the judge and clearly the vocational counselor has no experience with this illness. I'm sure very few do, because those of us that sick don't work, and the ones well do, and if doctors don't get it, how can you expect a vocational counselor to?

I hope he takes that into account. I didn't realize you had eds. good luck, I hope it goes in your favor. morgan

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Well, another step in the process is complete, right?!

Let's keep fingers crossed that in the next couple of months you need to wait, it will have been well worth it!

It still amazes me at how much perserverance and tenacity the folks who post in this forum have. It's no small feat to have to deal with the health issues, then to couple it with a long, intensive, stressful arbitration to have to "prove" yourself incapable of working. :) My hats off to you!

Good luck and keep us posted

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Hi Be Still!

I wish the best for you...I'll keep you in my thoughts and I hope this is all over soon. I'm proud of you for hanging in there and looking at the positive in this trying situation!


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