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First Meeting Of Support Group

Dawg Tired

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Last night was the first meeting of our HopeKeepers group. I have never started a suport group before so I was nervous.

We had 7 people attend! I found that pretty amazing since, lately, on Sunday we have only been having 13 or 14 people at church.

My husband (head injury) and I (NCS) were there along with 2 other couples and a woman. We had a very good discussion and I did the "spoon theory" (??) exercise to demonstrate what it is like to live with a chronic illness.

One couple came to our house afterward and the wif said it had never occured to her before what it must be like to deal with the fatigue. Her husband has a head injury from a car accident and she is constantly pushing him to do more...

So, I feel like it is a positive start.

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Congrats to you for starting your group, I am sure it will grow as word gets out!! It takes a lot of energy to run a group or even attend a meeting, so good for you!! I had at one time, many years ago, had a phone support system going for CFIDS. We were not healthy enough to attend meetings and this was a great support before the world of internet and email.

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congrats & kudos on the meeting...i wish i was close & could join you all.

i hope things continue to go well...it sounds like you're definitely off to a good start.

:lol: melissa

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Guest tearose

Will your group meet once a month? A few times a year?

This is a wonderful thing Gayla! I am so happy for you and the group to have each other.

You were to courageous to do this since it was all so new!

take care, tearose

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