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Ok I been on prcrit now for over month. The frist shot I got was 10,000 units. I got ao sick on it that they tried 4,000 units the next time. I did much better but the headaches where so bad. So they also tried pain meds on top of it and it helped some. Then we went to 6,000 units. I ended up in the ER. I got sick, ( I got hot also so I am not sure how much was from the procrit, but the ER doctor said it was. They gave me IV's and pain meds in the ER.) Today I only had 2,000 units and hour after the shot I spent one hour in the bathroom. I stomach is all upset. The thing is my blood work is starting to do really good, and am having more energy, but the days I get the shot I get so sick. Starting this week I am getting two shots ont on tuesday (today) and then one on friday as the dose is so much lower then what they woulf like me to take.

I am just to tried of the rollercoasted feeling the med helps so I feel good for a few days, but when I get the injuction I get so sick for at least two days. At what point is it worth it?

So just venting. Does it get better once you on procrit for a while? I really want this to work as I just want a chance at a some what normal life. I don't want to be stuck in my home. I miss working, and I miss little things likw walking outside, and being able to be out side when it is hot. I go outside now and I feel like I am going to pass out!....... ok here I go again. I am going to stop at this, but if you have any imput please let me know thanks!


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I wish I had an answer for you as far as Procrit. That's really great that youre noticing a positive affect as far as your energy....I'm sure it's also very discouraging though that youre reacting so negatively as well. Sounds frustrating!

I see why youre questioning if it's worth staying on. My dr's told me that some people have some sort of allergic-like reaction to Procrit. (can't remember the name of it) I wonder if this is you?

I hope you find some answers. I wish I could help but we are definitely here for you to "talk with" as you need it.

Take care,


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Ernie, that's great!! I hope you continue to have good results on the Procrit!

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