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Fingers & Toe Nails..........

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I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any permanent changes in the colour or texture of their finger or toe nails over the past say two-three years since the illness started.

The reason I ask is that starting with both my big toes and both my thumbs first, then spreading to the other digits my nails are going quite 'carrot 'coloured :wub: which is quite noticeable.

No I'm not eating tons of carrots or drinking carrot juice <_<

No I dont smoke, never have ............ and it would be of a job holding a cigarette with your toes at my age anyhow :P

I haven't used fake tan or vanish my nails at all, and I dont have an infection in my nails .

I do take a large amount of drugs each day , but these do not seem to be the culprit either.......:o

Unless my hubby is getting up in the night and sticking my hands and feet in cups of coffee while I'm asleep to stain them B) I'm completely lost for ideas .

Any suggestion gratefully received. Willows.

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I have very pronounced vertical ridges in my nails that started when my POTS did. When I asked my GP about it, he told me to stop looking at my nails. I told him to get a clue about other disciplines of medicine -- for instance, in Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, the nails and tongue tell more about one's health than any other symptom.

Anyway, I would suspect you have some sort of vit. deficiency or excess as well. I would get that checked out. But I would not be surprised, either, if you your tests came back normal. It seems a lot of us here are odd ducks who have strange symptoms but no actual identifiable medical problem. Good luck!


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:) ooooow! never thought of a vitamin deficiency at all, clever you!

I do have terrible problems with food, what with the throat contracting making me feel like I'm being strangled at times ( yuck) :)

And the bowel and stomach contractions that have me hanging on to anything available ( people, radiators, door frames )

It does make sense that I'm 'not up to par' with all I should be, I've just remembered that I was low in iron some weeks ago, so I suppose I will have to go back to the local 'vampire' ( our bloods lady , as we call her) and get another test done.

At this rate I'll have no blood left in me soon ,as I've just had a test for cholesterol ( I'm to high )Thanks ever so .........willows :(

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Guest tearose

I think the vitamin deficiency theory is the answer! Get thee to the blood lady and tell us what she doth say!

I also wondered...maybe it is an allergic reaction...are you allergic to ostriches? :)

Good to hear your personality coming out in your writings again Willows!

Please do get the blood test and keep getting stronger!

best regards, tearose

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Hi, I also think it may be some sort of vitamin deficiency....

Anyhow, my toes/toenails don't turn orangely color, but they do turn blue!

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Hello................. :)

I do sometimes get a reaction to dairy products, but I have to have been a bit of a pig eating stuff I know I'm not supposed to .........like I once eat a huge Devon clotted cream tea and ended up in A & E with my throat closing up and my face twice the size , gasping for breath , interesting reaction from the lady on the front desk I seem to recall................and the A & E doctor............cant think why B)

But at this time I am being as good as I can and eating very little ' cant eat that or else foods' if you get my drift.

I still think Hubby has this secret plan to send me round the twist ( English saying for mad) by painting bits of my body while I'm asleep at night or slipping sleeping tablets into my cocoa in order to get a bit of peace from my constant running around the house at full speed, hoovering, washing windows and cutting the lawns each and every day ( I wish ) ................but dont you worry I have this plan ;) next time he tries anything I've got my GTN spray ready and waiting for a quick blast up his nose ..............Willows. :)

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