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Update On Jeff From Michigan Jan


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It is approaching 1 year from Jeff's cancer diagnosis. He has lived this last year on chemo, which has held his disease to 5 visible tumors--4 in his liver and one near the stomach. His quality of life continues to be very good and he tolerates weekly chemo well. This morning (Memorial Day) he served food from the Salvation Army Canteen Truck at a memorial march for firefighters.

Jeff's latest CT scan showed that one tumor has grown and that his disease may be progressing. He has a new treatment plan. In addition to continuing chemo, on June 1, his largest tumor (outside the stomach) will be frozen by cryotherapy. The doctor doing the procedure will be guided by a CT scan to freeze the tumor. This procedure will be done at the cancer center where he gets his chemo.

Because cryotherapy cannot reach all the liver tumors, on June 7, a doctor at a different hospital will administer by catheter through an artery, tiny spheres that carry radiation to his liver. These lodge in the tumor and emit radiation locally for 2 weeks. The physical presence of the spheres also inhibit the blood supply to the tumors. Whereas cryotherapy can actually kill a cancer tumor, the spheres can only slow them down and delay the disease. This procedure has the risks of carrying the spheres to the stomach and/or lung, where the radiation can cause serious damage. The doctor doing this procedure is very skilled and experienced and so we depend on him to deliver the dose exactly where it needs to be and nowhere else.

Thank you, again for all your prayers. As we go on, we are aware that we are being held up by you all.

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thanks for letting us know the latest jan. you both continue to be in my thoughts & prayers. glad to hear that jeff is still out & about so much too...it's truly encouraging. i can't imagine how tough the journey has been & continues to be but know that many are holding you up in thoughts & prayers.

i hope the upcoming treatment plans go as well as they possibly can.

keep on hanging in there...

B) melissa

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Jeff spent the night in the hospital but is home today. Yesterday he had cryotherapy to destroy one of his cancer tumors. The CT scan he had this morning suggests that the cryo got all of the tumor and none of the surrounding organs.

So now the score is: 1 down and 4 to go.

The 4 being his 4 liver tumors that he will be having the Sir Spheres for come Wednesday. I'll let you know.

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You both are in my prayers. I just can't imagine what you guys are going through. I'm encouraged to hear that the first round went well.

Thanks so much for keeping us posted!

Praying for you,


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Hi Jan,

Sorry I didn't get to reply sooner. You and Jeff have been in my thoughts and continue to be. I am glad that the first procedure went well. I hope and pray the following procedures get rid of the remaining cancer.

Take care and continue to keep us updated.


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Guest tearose

Thank you for keeping us up to date Jan.

Jeff and you are in my prayers.

Please let us know how everything goes on Wednesday.

I think he is a very lucky guy to have you! <_<

best wishes, tearose

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