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Happy, Happy Joy Joy

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I havn't posted in a while. Been in Seattle caring for my 2 grandsons 5,2. Won't go into details but their mom should live in fear. She kidnapped the kids and took them. My son is finishing his 3rd year med school, everything was covered.


Sprent a couple nights in hospital (heart). Found doctors who DO know POTS!!!!!!

The most important thing to me is that I did it. Went to the park, outside. Laundry etc..... I really want to help so he can finish, and was well in Seattle so that is where it would be best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all who serve our country. Miriam

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miriam -

good to "see" you.

sorry that you had to visit the hospital while out west but glad you had docs that "got it" and most of all glad that your trip overall was a success. way to go!

:D melissa

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