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Happy Birthday Wareagle!


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Hey Wareagle!

How are you doing without the 'ol GB??? Are you still eating Happy Meals? Could you eat cake for your bday?

I hope you are recovering well still from the surgery...

Sorry this is a bit late...I've been offline a LOT lately and am not up to date on emails or PPlace at all!

So, you are 30???? Find any gray hairs??? Just kidding. It's not so bad...:D

I hope you had a happy day...

Know that I am thinking about you and am so grateful to have you in my life! You can make me laugh as well as touch my heart with your words....

Happy 30th...

Love, Emily

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Guest tearose

Did I hear someone say "CAKE" :D

Happy Birthday Wareagle!

I too hope you getting stronger and were able to celebrate your birthday.

Have a speedy recovery, tearose

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hope you have a wonderful day, with many more to come.

best wishes,


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happy b-day! i hope you had a super day with some yummy food to enjoy & that the year to come is the best yet!

B) melissa

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Thanks guys!!


I had a really great birthday...several of my friends came down and we got a condo on the beach. One of my best friends flew in from Dallas and surprised me (we haven't seen each other in 2 yrs). Overall my body held up pretty well...lots of discomfort and soreness still from the surgery...but I pushed through it and had a blast!! Now I'm planning on staying still for a couple of weeks and finally letting myself heal!

There was lots of good food and laughter the whole weekend...it's amazing how much friends and red velvet cake can lift ones spirits! <_<

I hope you are all doing well...thanks again for thinking of me!!

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happy belated birthday dear--so sorry i'm late on chimming in here.. been off in my own little world lately!!

MMMMM red velvet cake.. OMG all this talk of cake is making a dizzygirl hungry for some sugar!! m personal favorite cake is a black forest cake!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY

Happy b-day girlie!

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I'm waay late on this one, but I hope (and it sounds like) you had a great bday!!! :)

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