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Guest tearose

We here on DINET are not a "formal" group.

Some of us are getting together over the year informally to meet and share a little time with each other.

You can search the threads for informal meetings. We seem to get together in geographic groups. The New York/ New England one is still in the planning stages as far as where and what time we will meet. The date IS August 6.

A few of us are working together to find a good and inexpensive meeting place and we should have something posted in about two weeks.

We just wanted to post the date so people could plan to leave that date open to meet.

best regards, tearose

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The only conferences that I am aware of regarding dysautonomia were two put on by NDRF and also a conference that was put on by the Familial Dysautonomia group. I think there may be some other conferences that were geared just for medical professionals--but can't recall who sponsored them (the American Autonomic Society at Vandy???). There are video tapes available from the first conference that NDRF did, and they can be purchased from their website.

DINET may have a conference at some point, but that would be in the distant future. :ph34r: Nina

The books and videos from NDRF may be gotten here:


The entire book can be downloaded for FREE--if I recall correctly, you must download each chapter individually; however, the content is exactly the same as the hardcover book, which I own. In order to read the book on your computer, or to print it out, you'll need a free program call Adobe Acrobat Reader.

you may download the free software here:


or here:


Happy reading. Nina

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