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Guest dionna

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Guest dionna

What is the most positive thing about having POTS?

What is the most negative thing about having POTS?

What is the best thing you have gotten out of POTS?

What is the worst thing that you have lost because of POTS?

I have met a lot of awesome people to include my two best friends and even a lot famous people. While I was in the hospital I even met my boyfriend who is also a POTS patient, he is actually the best part. :huh:

I hate fainting all the time (300+ times in 2 years). I can some what hide all of the other symptoms and appear okay. :ph34r:

I got retired from the Marine Corps with full benefits and medical. :)

My independence. I have to have someone around all the time. :o

Just thought it might help someone to see that they are not alone in what they have lost and that good can and will come out of the illness. I really do hope that this might help.


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Though I don't technically have POTS, I do have dysautonomia w/tachy and many of the same symptoms.

That being said,

Positive, is that I really have begun to appreciate the little things more in life.)

Negative, is that the symptoms can be very scary and then really deteriorate ones quality of life day to day. :ph34r:

Finding out who my real friends are, making new friends who understand and are there even if only in cyberspace, the closeness I have developed with family. :o

The loss of my "old" self even though when I was my old self I thought things could be better, now I wish I was back to that point. :huh:

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Sorry to be cynical, but nothing positive has come from this disease, nor has there been a "best thing I've gotten."

I am usually not a negative person, but this has destroyed me, my job, my family, my friendships, my financial state, my freedom, my independence, my sleep, my appetite, my ability to drive, my desire for anything.

NOTHING good has come from this illness period!


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Guest tearose

This is such a daunting task for me right now.

I will try to summarize.

I have had my "highest highs" when I learned how to appreciate the depths of my despair. I lost my identity and had to learn again what made me, me. I finally own the path both in and out of the potshole. I know it well and it is another....home to me...I appreciate every single day, every single task I do...even the laundry is a meditation and a blessing now.

gosh, I am philosophical tonight....

I became a master at making adjustments, compromises and changing expectations.

My personality is to try to find the good in every experience and not judge...

Is it sometimes easier than others....

I'm trying to find work now. I have been ill for so long that I am being tossed all around and it is a hard path right now.

I lost my career, lost my ability to contribute to my family, lost physical ability, lost a house, lost friends, lost years of life....but gained introspection, meditative skills, a deeper understanding of life and more compassion.... Hopefully I gained more but I am tired now and must get ready for tomorrow. I will carry your questions with me and see what more of the positives are.

best regards, tearose

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