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Bp Questions---

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Hi folks...

I am trying to do a set of vitals for my vandy application... and I have tried using 2 different automatic BP machines... and I can get my laying down reading...that was 93/70 p.65

But once I have to stand for the 3 and 10 minutes reading neither machine will pick up a reading.. it read error over and over again... and I wont get a reading again until I sit down for a few minutes..

and I know tha in order to get accurate readings you have to do the standing thing....I was standing for the 3 minute reading and i felt so on the verge of passing out i could barely stand it.. my face and lips got all numb feeling and I started to feel like a rubberband.. you know the usual pasing out sucky stuff...

I think I'm going to drop Bonnie an email and ask her about the unable to get a reading... despite adjusting the cuff... and even moving a bit.. nothing!

I was thinking that maybe I can go into my cardio's office for a nurse visit... tll them why I need a set of vitals.. and have it done there..b/c they can do it manually.. and get an accurate reading... I actually think it would be better to do it that way.. b/c I know when I go in for my Iv's they try to do vitals and the automatic machine will keep beeping and pumping up.. and they never get a reading.. and end up having to do it manually... and even then they usually have a hard time getting a bottom number to register....

i think the only problem with going to the docs is geting there and trying to talk my potsy body into moving... :ph34r:

amyone have suggestions on getting a reading while standing? with an automatic machine?? in the off chance that my body does not aloow me to leave the house for a nurse visit??



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Linda, I had the same happen to me when I filled out my application. I just put down "BP too low for reading" on the application. If you're still concerned, you could give them a call on Tue, but I'm sure just putting down that it was too low will be okay. Try to get a radial pulse at least so you can record your HR...if you're BP's too low for a radial pulse, note that and try a carotid pulse (on your neck).

Good luck with getting in! I found Vandy to be informative and comforting, but the follow up has been pretty non-existent... however, I am glad I got to go :ph34r:

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thanks lauren for the tips.. I think I might contact bonnie... just to be sure.. as I dont want to get any delays you know in getting in there...

darn potsy body!


:ph34r: dizz

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Yeah, I have pretty much the exact same opinion of the place. :o)

If you think it's the cuff, try a couple more times and make sure to stay as still as possible, moving around might aggravate the machine. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you can still get the pulse reading, that's good, but even the big fancy computerized machines can't always get a reading on me, and probably most of you, too. Too many times the alarm went off that I had a 0/0 bp when I was still standing. :huh::ph34r:

Good luck with everything!

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Been there!!!!!

Try holding the arm with BP cup up level with your heart with your other hand. Relax the one with the cup. (like they do in the office- ya know how they hold your hand under their arm?). This often allows me to avoid the error sign. ( I wait until it's almost completely blown up, then lift my arm and relax it into my other hand....does that make sense?)


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thanks folks..

roselover--i understand what your saying!! thanks!!

when I said moving around a little.. I met inbetween trying to get a reading.. you know just kinda of staying in the same spot but like rocking on your feet.. more then the ususal! roicking that is ..lol

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linda -

i had trouble with some of my readings as well...i think i was only able to get one at ten minutes and maybe two of them at three...and this was after several tries. i wouldn't worry about it. they're actually more interested in your heart rate so if you can get that you're all set. even if not just do your best with it, write down why you couldn't complete the form, and don't worry.

hang in there,

:D melissa

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I emailed bonnie.. and she said to do them sitting down ..my hr's are with in nrmal range .. not really changing too much.. despite the fact that my BP's are droping.. and I'm on the verge of passing out.. which is odd for me.. as my HR usually is up high.. not lately..

crazy body!!!!!!

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