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What Type Of Food Choices Have Worked For You?

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I was wondering after having been diagnosed or having to have lived with POTS for quite a while, what food choices/diet do you adhere to and which ones have worked for you? My doctor thinks that the food choices im making right now does not help at all with the symptoms i have and would like for me to "eat healthier"....but Im kind of at lost as to what that means for a POTS patients like ourselves. Thanks!!!

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I eat every three hours - 6 am 9 am 12 noon 3 pm 6 pm and 9 pm.

I eat two toaster waffles at 6 am (no syrup or added anything, just strawberrry or blueberry waffles).

BTW, I go back and "recline" while eating the waffles and drink about two glasses of water before attempting to get out of bed for the day. In other words, I take my time getting up.

Then I do some exercising "on the floor", some weights, pilates tape, abdominal tape, some leg lifts suggested by someone on this forum, whatever.

I eat a snack again after or before I exercise. That could be waffles again or something else with some protein like low-fat string cheese, cottage cheese.

I eat my lunch at noon. A sandwich and always one raw carrot, some plain yogurt (for my gut says the GI doc). If I know I have to be "vertical" I eat less, because the more I eat (and the more sugar or garbage), the worse I feel.

3 PM banana or Clif snack bar (only part of one. There's too many calories in this.)

6 PM dinner - the biggest meal and don't expect me to be useful right after I eat. This meal is a protein and two veggies and a small amount of dessert.

9pm low carb dry cereal and rice milk then.....

off to bed.

I need food throughout the day to function my best. The larger the meal, the worse my POTS symptoms so I keep the amounts low unless it's dinner time.

I do not keep cookies/cakes/ice cream in the house except for special occasions.

If tolerated, cantaloupe/watermelons grapes, strawberries, apples etc. can be snacks.

And, oh yeah, I do try to keep away from hydrogenated fats and prepared foods with chemicals in them.

This is not always easy, but I try.

That does it for me.

What have you been eating that your doc doesn't think is good?

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:P futurehope-

I appreciate your input as I have also been wondering what people have found as helpful diets. I have not been able to eat large amounts of food at a time without symptoms and have managed to put on an additonal 20 pounds. I am sure that is partially due to being bedridden for so long. This has been very frustrating. Your routine and comments were helpful. I found it funny that I also start my day with two toaster waffles, everyday. Easy for me to make and has at least some nutrients. :blink:

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Hi Nadine,

I've done really well on an all-natural organic diet. This means I've completely cut processed foods and additives/preservatives out of my diet. I try to eat 4-5 small, balanced meals a day. Just to give you an idea, I've posted my "typical" menu below. (all the food is organic and additive free...usually cooked by my boyfriend or I cook on a good day)

Breakfast (9:00 am): 1 egg scrambled, 1 slice bacon, 1 orange

Brunch (11:00am): 1/2 turkey sandwich with lettuce and carrot sticks

Lunch (2:00 pm): 1/2 (the other half) turkey sandwich with lettuce and dried peaches

Linner (4:00 pm): 1/2 cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese

Dinner (7:00 pm): 1/2 Pork chop, mashed potatos, broccoli

Snack (9:00 pm): dried apricots

Also, no caffine, MSG etc. (anything that might speed up my heart)

Hope this helps!



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