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Eeg Results...

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Hi folks!

I got the results of my EEG that I had done about a week and a half ago..

It came back abnormal! Big surprise there.. the last 4 EEG's I've had done.. 3 of them in under a year.. every one of them have come back abnormal.. slowed brain functioning...

this one showed the left side of my brain in the left temporal head region...it says that it is indicating a focal cerebral neuronal function disturbance... which is non specific....

that they feel could have been caused by trauma to my head or is early signs of a neurodegenerative disorder...

My neuro said that they cant rule out seizures b/c my eeg is abnormal... so she wants me to start a anti-seizure med... Tegertol... and for some reason I think Iv;ve been on this before.. but cant quite remeber...

I'm nervous to take an anti seizure med.. if i'm not having true seizures.. there was no "clear" epileptic activty on the eeg...

Kind of ironic that an MRI last summer showed something on my pituitary gland and pineal gland.... and then the most recent eeg showed abnormalities effecting the left side of my brain... i cant help but think that those "things" are reeking havoc on my system.. even if some medical professionals disagree...

all I know is even when I got really bad off with pots in 2002.. it was bad and devastating... but it was a cake walk compared to what I'm going thru on a daily basis now.... amazing. who knew that some many things can go nutty in your body at the sam time...

I'm also suppose to start migranal nose spray stuff.. for my migraines.. to see if it helps...

I do know that the squeezing has returned in my head.. and it isnt a migraine....oh what a fun day this is going to be...

allrighty well the room is starting to look a wee bit cloudy..gotta love visual disturbances!

dizzygirl me need sleep!

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Sorry to hear that your eeg's turned up abnormal. Has anyone ever tried to treat you with prednesone or any of the other MS type drugs? I turn around quickly with prednesone. Just a thought. I also take clozanepan- I think it also is for seizures. I take it at night to help with the shakes that wake me up. It has not been too bad.

I hope this new drug helps you.


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I'm sorry the EEG was abnormal, but hopefully now they'll be able to figure out what the heck's going on with you. :( I'll drop you a little something in the mail this weekend to cheer you up (as promised).

Keep your chin up! Hopefully this anti-seizure medication will help you :angry:

((((BIG HUGS))))

- Lauren

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i've had one normal EEG, one inconclusive, and the five nighter showed seizure activity. I have been diagnossed with chiari and will have that decompressed by dr heffez on june 7. I know that chiari can cause abnormal EEGs, maybe that's something to look into? if you want Dr.. Heffez info you can pm me. It only takes a couple of weeks to see him. I think for the consult we waited two weeks? let me know

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Also, just an fyi, pineal cysts are a very common finding. I have them, but my EEG's are normal, so the pineal issue might just be incidental...or not. Perhaps it's 2nd opinion time?


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yup i think so! sending the results and a boat load of other things to chiari...i hear they are very good..

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hi.. yeah i know that pineal and pituitary cysts can be beningn and normal.. but i have a great deal of endocrin and hormonal abnormalities going on.. that is why i realy feel that what ever is going on there may be effecting things in a not so good way..

stellakitty-- thank you dear.. I have dr. heffez contact info and my just contact him as a consult via email or by phone to get some isight or oppinions from him...thank you though

i have been on prendisopne for allergic reactions to sopme unknown stuff.. and it did make me feel better but prendisone cant not be used long term .... I checked into that allready w/dr. grubb.. as it really gave me a boost...

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