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Blue Badge Parking

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Yesterday I went to collect my son from his college as I needed to do some shopping , my son is my second carer he has the wonderful job of pushing the trolley around the shop, whilst I shuffle behind , he collects the items, bags and lifts them into the car and then into the house :D in fact he's my 'little gem'.

So drove to college and parked in small side road with just one single line down both sides , this side road is next to the big college coach park.

Sitting near the top of the road with my blue badges up I noticed a large coach pull up on the opposite side of the road to me .........and park.

So I moved down a bit as not to stop traffic.

Next minute another coach parked behind him, this time I noticed that the driver looked at me and laughed. :(

So muggins here moved down the road a bit more.

Now at this point I need to tell you that the road is only about 40 yards long from junction t junction , and as you know ( well hope so ) you cannot park within 15 yards of a junction.

So I'm now getting worried as the junction is looming at me and after the end of this road there is no where else for me to go!

As I watched another coach pulled up , a third one and parked behind the other two...........so the three coaches had now taken up the whole of the other side of the road from junction to junction ( against the law) and I was now blocking the road..........................this is bullying by the coach drivers and totally illegal as they are not allowed to park there, but should have parked in the coach park.

How do I know this ? well I spoke to the police a few hours later.

I did manage to get my son but not until I'd panicked so much I nearly had an angina attack and not until the coach drivers had all had a jolly good laugh out of there windows at me.

SO.................moral of this story !

If after the school holidays you happen to see a small silver car near a college and a load of police cars and coach drivers having a huge argument .............its me .

As I've been told by the police if when I go to pick my son up again the same happens ,I lock my car as soon as the first coach arrives, walk away and call the police.............. :P as a disabled driver I will not be ; put down, cut up, called names or bullied anymore ..........I hope. Willows.

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by coach, do you mean bus? Taxi? Most members are in the US and Canada--motorcoach would be a bus here...

okay, I answered my own question by going here:


the definition for those of us, like myself, is as follows from the above site:

"Coach - We differentiate between a coach and a bus. A bus is usually the sort that you pay as you enter and the routes are not generally that long. They drive through the towns and villages of the UK. A coach normally goes from city to city, more like US greyhounds. They have fewer or no stops at all and you would buy a ticket in advance and have to go to the terminal to get on one."


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I'm sorry you had a day like this...next time you'll be ready! I hope you don't have to deal with next times.

They will get what's coming to them...brush them aside and try to forget mean people like them.

They will not be left whithout punishment!


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Guest tearose

Dear muggins willows... :)

You will get more satisfaction if this aggravation never happens again, however, it seems like many drivers disregard parking laws. So, be prepared for the next time and hold your ground and do as the police suggested.

You are a good citizen and should not feel threatened or belittled my rude drivers!

best wishes, tearose

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Thanks Tearose and others for your replies.

Sorry I haven't been back to you before but unfortunately I decided to give the stair and hall carpet an 'eye to eye' inspection. :blink: ....................yes, fell headfirst down the stairs!

One minute I was standing holding a mug just about to step very carefully onto the first step , then.............gone!

Managed to slightly stop my fall by catching my left elbow against the wall and bending the wrist back ;)

Worst of it all was that I suffered an angina attack just afterwards, then another in the night ,then yet another this morning :P

Now feeling stiff as a board, bruised, battered very tired and like I've been run over by a herd of seven footed, furry headed , over weight ostriches on there way to a January sale ......................in others words.................... :P

Willows, down, very down ( all the way top to bottom) but not , never out !!!!

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Guest tearose

Oh dear willows!

I think you have a good survive-it-all-attitude! :)

When you were explaining the carpet incident... :P sorry you got hurt,...you then had me laughing as I imagined you laying on the carpet in pain, bathed in the hot, wet, contents of your mug and feeling the crush of the herd of seven footed, furry headed , over weight ostriches on their way to a January sale :P;) ....I then got an idea!

I think you should write a series of stories! (Once you heal from these bruises!)

You should call them the "Adventures of Muggins Willows"

story 1: Muggins Willows detects "faulty coach drivers at College"!

story 2: Muggins Willows and the "magic carpet ride"!

story 3: Muggins Willows goes in disguise as a bruised banana....

what do you think? :blink:

Okay, for the next week: do NOT walk and carry anything hot, Or talk and walk at the same time!

Start writing your stories...save a signed version for me! Get better soon!

warm wishes, tearose

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Oh..... Tearose...................how clever you are :blink:

I am a comedy writer for a living and I write stuff just like you have suggested , cool or what?, you know what they say 'great minds think a like ' or 'it takes a mad person to find another'

I write about what its like to be disabled ' but with a twist', yep.......crazy twist.

I have always had this very strange, comic over the top sense of humour.

Some of my consultants wonder if its not the condition thats making me 'weird' but I think its more likely that as you say I will not give in to pain, how ever much I sick, contract, am in pain, passing out , falling down or I'm just plain 'stuck on my back like a tortoise legs kicking' I can always see a funny side to life. :)

If I didn't after 35 years of pain ( and the rest) well I'd be glue on the back of an envelope by now ,if I was a horse that is ;) I also think that its not fair for children to see you 'suffering ' all the time especially as we still dont know if I will pass it on to them yet.

So I try and make people laugh when I tell them what I've done.......................like the time I feel into the hole my hubby had just dig by the front door ( again just went down)

He was just about to tip a barrow load of wet concrete into it , I feel in, he tipped the concrete over my head.

The ambulance men ( when they came to get me ) couldnt stop laughing either ( hubby and I with tears streaming down our faces) even when I came home in plaster ( broken ankle ) I was still laughing .........................mind you didn't laugh so much that night ................... :P Nor the following 10 weeks of trying to walk again :P but life's what you make it , and I intend to laugh my way through the rest of my life if I can. :P Willows.

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