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Feeling Like You Are Going To Die...

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Hi folks I realized that i said i would post about my other concern and in true potsy fashion I forgot too! :blink::D:ph34r::P lol

ANyways part of my troubles the past week or so.. I poassed out last sunday night going into monday morning.. and i felt something pop in my neck.. and then this familiar feeling of electricty start to just surge thru my body.. and I started to feel like I was floating and moving spinning at the same time.. well after that i passed out.. and once i came to.. I felt horrible.. I must say one of the worst times that i have felt after passing out....

a few hours later i had to get up to go to the hospital for my IV.. and I just got worse as the day went on.. the pain w/in my bones was so bad that i buzzed the nurse and asked her to call my cardio for some pain meds..

I had such intense squeezing in my brain and in the back of my head.. my head felt like it was going to implode..

sso an hour or so later they brought me a pain pill.. i took it.. (it didnt help to much..) but also during the day I started to feel fuzzy from head to toe... just really out of it.. and then along with the fuzzyness.. I felt numb from the inside out... a really terrible feeling.. and it felt like my organs where in competion with each other to see which one could shake and jump the longest and hardest....

I had some serious issues with my vision more so then the ususal potsy visual things... I told a fellow potsy.. that i imagine this must be what a person tripping out on drugs must feel.. let me feel ya it was unreal..(sidenote.. I've never taken drugs by the way... i was making a joke).. but ti was very scary in combo with the vision stuff.. and feelling numb from the inside out.. and the squeezing in my brain... UGH.. I literaaly felt as though I was dying and that my body was shutting down....

I felt like i was floating almost.. and the pain thru out my body was intense and I wa like this for darn near a week!,, pretty much unmoveable.. I thankly have some fantastic friend who puled thru for me.. and helped me thru the week..

I did go to the ER but it was a terrible disappoint.. and insulting waste of my time.. and ending in me sobbing b/c the ER doc wouldnt take me seriously.... and was straight up a ding bat.. i dont know where he got him medical license from but it really scares where some of the doctors are coming from...

I dont really loose my composure in from of a medical oprovider..b/c they can take it as you being hysterical or depressed or some monkey business like that.. but i was feeling so bad.. and i truly felt like i was dying.. and i ned some help.. and this guy just stomped on all hope and everything... i started to realy bawl my eyes out and he left the room.... and before i left the nurse came in and asked me if I felt suicidal!!

I got rude and told her no I dont feel "suicidal" I feel like I am dying.. and your asking me if I feel suiciidal!!" she said well i have to ask b/c you said you felt like dying.. i had to make sure that you didnt want to kill your self... and she was like I realize that you said that b/c you arent feeling well.

WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the mean time I had started to cry again...

But do any of you guys ever feel fuzzy from head to toe? and numb from the inside out? and pretty much like you are going to croak?.. there is more involved in things but i dont know how to describe them... only that it lasted for days.. and is starting up again.. on my way to the pcp now..

take care all..


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I know what your going through deary, i am going through much of the same thing right now.

Its even more difficult feeling this bad, and then having no one there to help you or to take you seriously.

I do hope that your pcp can bring you some relief, and do know that you are not alone on this one.

Hang in There! :ph34r:


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Sorry you are having such a horrible time. Based on your description of symptoms (especially) the severe pain in the back of your head/neck, vision problems, intense pain- everywhere, it is possible you had a basillar arterial migraine. Speak with your doctor about any headache history you have- migraines bring forth a lot of strange and excrutiating symptoms. I have felt like I was dying during many migraines- seriously. But just to give you a possible answer, this type of migraine is called B.A.M. for short and if you've ever had one you know why they call it that. Hang in there....


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hi folks thank you!

I'm pretty certain that Its not a migrain of sorts going on.. i dont know how to describe it. other then it fels different... then event my normal pressure due to pots in my head.. and stuff... the only other time i remember the pressure and pain being so bad in my head was in 2002.. I had been carted off to a larger city hospital in Buffalo NY... and my BP skyrocketted.. and my hr did too.. they never found the cause of it then either.. they ran like 4-5 bags of fluid thru me and gave me O2.. the oxygen helpped alittle bit with the visual things.. but nothing else helped much I rode it out.. ot\r tried to.. I remember it last for weeks.. and was pretty bad.. the blood vessels in myright eye had began to burst... that was not cool.. and it disappated on its own... so I'm hoping that it levels off soon b/c they pressure in my head and eyes is driving me mad... I'm sure my neighbors thing I'm looney b/c my apartment is so quiet and dark during the day.. cant get down with all the light and noise!.. jeeze i dont a freaky migrain wouldnt surpirse me at this point. going to neuro doc this week.. maybe she knows what is making my brain feel like its being squeezed????

i saw my pcp today.. she said that there is fluid behind my ears drums again.. big surprise there huh.. (there is always fluid behind my ears drums!) she put me on antibiotics for a longer course in the event that ear infection are brewing in my ears.. again!.. she just had me on antibiotics last month for an infection..

But I'm going to get e-xrays done tomorrow of my cervical spine.. and of my sinuses as well... woulod like to have an MRI done hat would be ideal.. but i have sucky cruddy insurance.. and they dont like to cover anything!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! :wub::wub:

Ernie my dear I feel for you.. I hate feeling this way.. and really hope that it gets figured out soon.. b/c I feel like my body is just shutting down... its a terrible feeling!!!

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Guest tearose

Sorry you continue to feel yucky. I know how tiring it gets when the list of problems seems endless!

Just give yourself time to rest today and then rest some more. You will have these tests soon(tomorrow, right?) and I think the body heals when we sleep...so climb back under the covers and get more rest or sleep if you can!

Having sinus and head and ear issues is probably worse right now cause of all the pollens and weather changes too. Let the insurance concerns wait one more day.

I hope the x-rays go okay and that you get the MRI asap!

take care, tearose

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I am so sorry for the horrible episodes you're experiencing. I can definitely relate to the horrible squeezing feeling in the head/brain. I get that sometimes for days at a time and it truly feels like my head is going to implode...almost like a vacuum inside my brain. On those days, I'm afraid to go to sleep sometimes b/c I wonder if I will wake up. The pain is excruciating and nothing helps me, except ice on the back of my neck sometimes helps.

It sounds like you might want to get an MRI, just to rule out anything else. Wouldn't your insurance pay for your MRI if your doctor ordered it?? Insurance companies can be such a pain in the @#!!$.

Sending hugs and pain free thoughts your way! :)


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Linda, the more I read your posts, the more worried I get that your docs are just missing something. Have you ever been evaluated at Mayo, or by one of the major groups familiar with POTS, but also other neuro disorders, like Dr. Heffez, or the Chiari Institute folks in NY, some of the specialists in OH, etc.? Even if you don't pick any of these, I keep thinking you need a doc who can find the reason all this stuff is happening.


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Hi Linda,

I agree with Nina about seeing some other docs. I can relate with the headaches, they sure do stink! I really think you need to get another opinion about all this.....Hang in there.


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HI all

Yes even my potsy docs.. and many other docs keep saying that they are missing something.. but arent sure what that something is...

I am applying to vanderbilt.. to see dr. robertson.. be it in his clinic.. or thru the research center... I really feel that I need to go somehwere where they can do some more indepth autonomic testing.. as well as other testing.. b/c something just isnt right....

and I know it.. i can feel it...

I' also in the midst of gathering my records to send off to the Chiari institute...thye wanted me to send records and stuff then they will call me for an appointment.. I hope it isnt a long wait..

But yes I agrre that something is going on and I really hope and pray that they figure it out soon..b/c my drive to fight it is weakening.. the worse i get..I find myself talking to "the guy upstairs" asking him to find me some help or let me come "home" b/c this kind of suffering is beginning to be too much....

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Guest dionna

i completely understand and have personally experienced all of your symptoms. in the past two years i had atleast one of them everyday, if not all in a single day. just stay positive when it comes to the doctors and nurses. i know that they can be more of a pain than your body sometimes. they can't help that they are ignorant of how you are affected by this ludacris illness. atleast, that is what i always tell myself. i hope that your good days come back soon. just take it easy and relax. relief will come again! :ph34r:


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