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Bowel Problems

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Gut problems are exceptionally common among us. If you've not seen a gastroenterologist, that should be high on your "to do" list. For me, it's been a combo of meds and dietary changes that's made my life tolerable with regard to my GI system.


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Guest tearose

Once I began to eat oatmeal every day my gut got better in this regard. If you can't tolerate oatmeal try a regular dose of fiber. (prunes or prune juice is the old fashioned favorite) If you are really in bad shape and must have immediate help...use a baby strength glycerin suppository.

Naturally you need good hydration too.

This is a regular complication of POTS but try to find a natural alternative if you can first.

After you have tried your own remedies...ask your doctor.

feel better, tearose

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I agree that seeing a GI dr. would probably be helpful. For me I've had to change my diet. I eat quite a bit of fiber. One great source of this is "FiberOne" cereal. (It has 14 grams of fiber in 1/2 cup) You may have to increase this gradually if you don't eat fiber now.

Hope you find something that helps,


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Major constipation that nothing will help sounds like a big pain! And it sounds like you've already tried the usual things to make progress. My condolences!

Just in case, though:

Constipation can be due to:

? Lack of fluids

? Lack of fiber

? Stress/anxiety

? Gut motility issues (See GI doc)

? Wrong eating for your body (Sometimes, something as simple as adding daily prunes, watermelon or beets can help, as can reducing simple carbs, which often lack fiber.)

? EFA imbalance (EFA=Essential Fatty Acids; you could try fish oil, Flax Seed Oil, or other choice)

? Nogoodreasonwhatsoever

Constipation can sometimes be improved by walking for exercise. I imagine a rebounder (mini-trampoline) might help, too. I have seen success by someone drinking a cup of warm water upon awakening to get things moving. Then, of course, if you're desperate: there is always the old fashioned, but bravely commendable choice of an enema. :lol:

If simple, home remedies are not working, got to go to the doc!

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