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Anyone been to WVU for treatment?


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I live in West Virginia, so when I went to www.ndrf.org Physician list, I saw only one doctor on the list in my state, in Morgantown at WVU. His name is Dr. Hoeldtke. I called to make an appointment, and they were really rude and hard to deal with, and the earliest I can get in is January 5th. Has anyone been there, and if so, what was your impression/experience? I am tired of dealing with moronic medical practices, and I really need to fnd someone who can truly help me.

I am happy with my local doctor, but POTS is not his specialty (he is a pediatric cardiologist) and I feel I am at the point where I need more answers and further testing than what he can provide. I will go back to him for routine care, but I need to find a doctor either in West Virginia or the Washington DC metro area who can provide some more in depth answers to my questions and who has a more specialized approach. Every time I call a doc from a list somewhere, they end up being awful. Word of mouth is much better!!

Anyone been to a doc in Maryland, DC, Virginia, or West Virginia that they are super happy with, who will know a lot about POTS and dysautonomia, and who will spend as much time with me as necessary? Please help. Thanks!!

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I live in Parkersburg West Virginia and my experience with WVU was not a good one for my neuro doc I had there so I ended up going to Cleveland Clinic which is a 3 1/2 hr drive for me but my Pots doc and my neuro doc are wonderful. I see Dr. Fouad for my Pots. Just wanted to give you my doc info..hope it helps.


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