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Super Dizzy

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Hi all,

I haven't posted lately but been reading. Anyways i have a question, right now i am so dizzy ---i think i am in a washer machine...it's soo bad. I haven't had it this bad in years and it's driving me nuts. My mom has brought this up more than once, she's noticing that i am walking w/ my eyes closed, i never noticed it. lol I am not sure what to do, i am keeping hydrated, salt in me and everything, but it's like wowie. On top of this dizziness is the headache that won't let up. I am sleeping an insane amount of the time, i have really no energy to do anything and if i do i sleep after i do it.

I seriously need the dizziness to stop, i am going on vacation or i should say a volunteer thing in July and i am kind of helping w/ a bunch of kiddos, on an island. :)

the dizzy goat

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Hi, we are having the exact same symptoms right now... :)

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Guest sonotech

Have you tried taking a low dose of antihistamine, like benedryl or something?

That is actually what is in anti-vertigo prescription meds.

Its worth a try. It has helped me before, so just a suggestion.


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