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Stomach Ulcer

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A few weeks ago I went to the doctor about some stomach pain that was causing me severe discomfort and nausea. They suspected a possible stomach ulcer, so they placed me on a prescription dosage of an anti-acid to try to eliminate the acid that was irrating me. The pain stopped, so I thought it had healed.

Well, the other night I went to lay down and this piercing pain errupted in my upper stomach area, right above my belly button. Along with it came EXTREME heartburn, vomitting, spitting up, nausea, it almost hurt to breathe the pain was unreal. After about an hour, it started to settle but ever since then I have had this pain in my stomach. Foods do tend to irrate it, so I am avoiding any fried food or things of the sort.

Does this sound like a stomach ulcer? What can I do to illeviate the pain/irratation?

Thank you all for your input and advice! Enjoy your weekend! :angry:

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Guest tearose

I only had some GERD and then that nasty gallbladder problem. It could be any number of things. Had you eaten and then rested? I'm sure you know all the things to avoid like spice, laying down after eating and eating smaller quantities. Were you on any antibiotics lately that could have messed up your good tummy bacteria?

Please ask your doctor soon though, the nausea and vomiting are gonna mess you up bigtime! :angry:

feel better soon, tearose

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Understand I've been reading lots about EDS and aneurysms, so I'm a little brain washed, but repeatedly I see warnings that sudden stomach (or flank) pain should be checked out.

Realistically, it could be symptomatic of a duodenal ulcer or pancreatitis. Did you call your doctor?? Are you still taking your meds for it?

I hope you get some relief and it doesn't interfere with sleeping!

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My ulcer, or so they think it is, has calmed down ALOT except for some pain the other evening. I still have discomfort and its very sensitive. I do plan on making a doctors appt tomorrow just to have it checked out.

thank you all for your advice! :)

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