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Where To Buy A Good Blood Pressure Cuff?


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Do any of you know where to find a good blood pressure cuff that measures very LOW blood pressure readings? I have an electronic model from Walgreens (HD502). It doesn't register when my bp drops below 48 diastolic. That is the lowest reading I have gotten. Any lower, and it just keep dropping until it gets to 0. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Guest sonotech

For a bp THAT low, I think that most of the ELECTRONIC models won't register lower than that. You might need a manual bp monitor if you have someone that can take your bp for you.

I have an electronic bp machine that is great. Got it at CVS and it is a CVS brand bp monitor. Says it has "hospital accuracy", which I think it is very accurate but have never had my bp drop THAT low so don't know what the reading would say. It doesn't have a "model" number, but it says:

Digital Advanced Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

M.A.M technology (Microlife Average Mode)

Product #271244

Hope this helps.

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Guest tearose

You may wish to go to a surgical pharmacy and ask for assistance.

I purchased a wrist bp cuff from QVC and I find it easy and accurate.

If my bp goes really low I'm usually really ill and on my way to see my pcp. I can't manage anything lower than 60/40 without needing an IV.

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Thankyou both.

Tearose, I checked QVC and they have 32 different models, but they don't give details on each one. Mine lists "measurement range: 20-320 mmHg", but that is obviously not accurate.

My blood pressure is like a yoyo. I take it when I stand up, and each reading is different. It's not unusual for it to drop to 90/50, but it comes right back up to 120/80 for a minute, then drops again.

I was hoping someone has had a similar condition and has better luck than I with the blood pressure cuff.

sonotech- I will check out CVS.

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Guest tearose

ellen, I would like to suggest you try taking your bp in the sitting position. I am curious, why do you want to take it standing up since you know you are in a compromised place when you stand?

In my early days of getting to understand what my body was doing, I wouldn't use a bp monitor very often. In those early days I did use my heart rate monitor all the time. It was much easier to learn how to get to a healthier place by learning how to decipher what my heart was doing and then make modifications.

I rely on compression garments, powdered electrolytes, a good balance of vitamins and minerals, good water consumption and very mild activity.

I now tend to use my bp monitor only when I am having a fever to be sure I do not get too low.

I now tend to use my heart rate monitor on an as needed basis, usually when I'm going to be exerting myself.

(Also, I should have mentioned the only few times I needed and IV was when I was severely dehydrated

after fever, after a pre-surgery drink that wiped me out and once after a "treadmill stress test" that brought on severe dehydration and a massive migraine. I do not use IV's as regular treatments)

best regards, tearose

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I do use the bp cuff to monitor my pulse- (my machine records both).

My main symptom was fainting, so a doctor put me on florinef to raise my blood pressure(8 years ago). I didn't think I had POTS. We got the bp cuff for my husband (Doctor told him to), and it was only because the machine reported my heartrate that I noticed my hr was racing when I stand up.

My PCP sent me to a cardio EP, and he diagnosed me with POTS. I'm still trying to gather data to understand what my body does when I stand up. My big problem happens when my bp drops, that's what makes me faint. I drink alot of water, eat high salt diet, take supplements. exercise ( moderately), get up slowly of course, and rest often.

And I learn so much from all you- and still learning... Ellen

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Guest tearose

hi again ellen,

May I suggest a new kind of heart rate monitor to "treat" yourself to? It can be any one of the several on the market sold usually in sports stores or fitness equipment stores. The transmitter goes around your chest and the receiver is a wristwatch that will give you constant heart rate readings.

I was AMAZED :o:blink::huh: when I saw that going up stairs would bring my rate to 157 and that drinking water standing would make me go IMMEDIATELY up 25-30 beats per minute! I never got worried with seeing the constant readings...it was actually reassuring and behavior modifying for me. I learned how and when to make needed adjustments in seconds...whereas using a bp reading would have slowed my "ability to respond time" down. Do you understand what I mean?

Are you using any compression hose? These do wonders for maintaining bp levels in my condition.

Also, are you going to do more ANS testing?


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Tearose, you're kidding, I can go to the sports store and buy a heart rate monitor?! That's a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

I dont use compression hose, I live in Arizona, 100+ degrees, (it's inconceivable).

My cardio said I'm doing everything that can be done,so no need to come back. When I told him I stay ontop of the current research on the internet, he said, then you know as much as anyone of us.

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Guest tearose

Hello again ellen!

I don't care if it is 110 degrees :angry: just give those old lady stockings a try PLEASE!!!

I insist that you try for just one week! You may not be sweating on your calves anyway dear!!! I got use to them and in the really hot heat IF I needed to, I could just spray water on them and in an instant will cool down. But I really, really, really, am fine in the hot heat of the hottest days.. which is maybe a one or two day high of 98 around these parts. Also, aren't you in air conditioning most of the time!!

I don't want to underestimate your discomfort because your body is uniquely yours!! But if you can, try them one week. I can say without a doubt that these 40mm compression hose are a major KEY in my treatment.

I'm excited that you seem so delighted with the heart rate monitor idea. If you get one let me know how it works for you.

stay well, tearose

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Well, I got a heart rate monitor about a month ago and have been using it several hours a day. I find once or twice a day my heart rate drops to 30-45 (low), or 220-245 (high), for several seconds, then returns to normal, 70-120.

I know only a doctor can diagnose me, but is this anything unusual? Does anyone here experience this?- ellen

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