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I Walked A Mile Today

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Guest tearose

You made me laugh Dayna. :blink:

...now you feel badly. But you are so happy and proud of yourself.

Gosh, do I get it!!! We all understand what a big accomplishment this is.

You may need to sleep through the rest of the day...and maybe some of tomorrow but by golly, YOU DID IT!

The good thing too, from my experience, is that even with one day forward and three back, eventually somehow it changes to one day forward and then only two back, and then one for one and then by some wonderment we find we have a little balance in life and maybe, just maybe a bit of reserve energy!!!

Thank you for sharing your good news!!!

Now don't wear out those sneakers.

I see many more "good miles" ahead for you!

best regards, tearose

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Doesn't it feel good to do something you once thought impossible, yet when you were healthy seemed ever so easy. I've learned to appreciate the small things, because they are what keeps me holding on.

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Good for you!!! It feels great and bad at the same time huh? LOL. I know how ya feel!

Keep it up...just don't over do it too much!



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Guest tearose

Good Morning Dayna!

How are you today?

You inspired me. I just recently did PT so I'm doing those exercises, but I haven't been doing walking and I use to love it!

I am taking out my sneakers and I'm ready to go do some time on my treadmill.

I'm going to do whatever I can in 15 minutes.

Are you doing your mile today?

Take care, tearose

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