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Is Your Computer A Trigger?/ Fyi Chiari


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Hi all,

I have been out tonight taking my son for an MRI,I made it through the day(despite the stress of having to sedate my 8 yr-old for an MRI)without any episodes!!!!!!!!! This has been the first time in weeks that I have gotten through the day w/o being symptomatic,UNTIL I opened my computer. I am now very nauseas and I am wondering if maybe the computer triggered it? I dimmed the screen and have it @ a funny angle and it has'nt helped. I also lit a candle I know this sounds completely insane to healthy people,but I know you guys understand.For those of you with any interest in Chiari,I was @ Children's Memorial in Chicago and the nurse there claims that they are performing Chiari surgeries ALL DAY and EVERY DAY of the week. Apparently there are MANY children w/ this dx and thier nurse claims that the success rate is staggering when performed on children!!!!!!!

Please help with my trigger question.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!


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Chiari surgery is at best, a risky procedure, especially if one has EDS as an underlying problem. If you go to the WACMA board, you can find loads of info. I know very few people who've had an uncomplicated history after chiari decompression, including children. Many require revision surgeries and/or insertion of a shunt to deal with problems from increased intracranial pressure (cfs pressure).

You can find info on this stuff at WACMA, at the NY Chiari Institute, as well as on Chris Calder's website. Many of the links to these locations can be found in old posts here.


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