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Just Wanted To Say Hi..


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Well i have been taking a break from the POTS stuff not necessarily the symptoms just trying to give my mind time to relax.

My symtoms are pretty mch the same still fluctuating from the nose and chest pain..

Such fun..I have changed my account with Dinet so those of you whom I PM with now this my my new account.

I have had all kinds of troubles with my allergies and I am sure others have too.. :blink:.

Hope this finds all my pots buddies surviving and doing well..

Take care and BIG hugs to all of you :D


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Guest tearose

Welcome back!

Sometimes we disappear for a bit and then come back. It is nice to know you are okay. We do wonder when peeps are gone for awhile.

Take things as easy as you can.

I too am dealing with sinus-allergy issues right now. The pollen in the air is lessening now so less sneezing is round the corner!

best regards, tearose

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Guest Julia59

Belinda-----------------(aka---bowling ball head)

Couch girl here.......................

I hope your having a nice mothers day. I think your brave-----you have been through a lot, and still you keep your head up, and get out of bed every day a plug along.

I'm proud of you----you inspire me with your strength.

Keep your chin up----I know that must be hard though----especially when your head feels like a bowling ball............ :D:ph34r:



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