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Iowa/ Midwest Get Together?


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Hello all,

I am not sure if there are that many of you from the midwest or Iowa for sure would be great, but I would love to get a group together for a day, so that we could meet face to face and get to know each other. I know it helps me so much to be able to come here and talk/ type, but if we could get a group of us together it would be great. I am willing to drive a ways too ( as long as I am feeling ok).

Let me know what you think. (I am just outside Des Moines, Iowa!) :D


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I am just SW of Chicago and would be interested in a get together of some kind. We go camping toward Rock Island in the summer,so I would be able to meet anytime as long as it is a weekend.This is a great idea,Thank you!!!!!!!!


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I live on the near Northwest side of Chicago and would be interested in a get together. Please keep me posted!


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I know this is very late response to your post and hope still outstanding offer. I too am just outside of Des Moines.

Was hoping you could recommend Dr(s) who take you seriously, actually do something other than diagnose, prescribe beta blocker, give me a printed definition of my diagnosis, then basically "dismiss" me. I had significant issues with syncope and pre-syncope, very low BP/very low HR, bad memory issues and debilitating fatigue, extreme dizziness, and bad palps last fall - was diagnosed by CardioEP with NMH/NCS, along with yet another round of holter and echo tests confirming the MVP (no surprise there). My GP only referred me to CardioEP after I insisted something was not right with the low BP/low HR, and fainting. In my opinion my GP was surprised that I got a "physical" diagnosis. Also she had me see psych Dr who diagnosed me with anxiety and he told me to quit my stressful job. I was on short term disability from work for 10 weeks while trying to get meds right. Went back to work somewhat better but was still having issues.... tried to cope and it has been rough and very bumpy road. So many sick days taken since January. Recent bout of strep for 7 weeks (very hard to recover from that), now having syncope issues again. I am beyond concerned about my job of 21 years being at risk.

I essentially have been just "dealing" with this and pretending like I don't have an illness. I work from home, but travel for business, so for most part I can get away with hiding the fact that I am supine during conference calls, and am able to go to the restroom frequently due to the fluid loading.

Sorry rambling.

******Any Dr. recommendation(s) would be greatly appreciated. And of course if you want to connect I am VERY interested in that as well.*****

Thank you,


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