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Thanks to all for your suggestions for my son Mike who is (still) in the hospital with dehydration, hypokalemia. He's just now coming out of a pretty deep potshole and starting to take fluids and a teeny bit of food again.

Amazingly, people here have been interested in learning (just a little - don't get too excited) about his POTS. And the neurologist they called in actually prescribed mestinon :D

Anyway, my question is that he's still not able to take in very much by mouth. Of course, he's been in hospital a week and they're quite eager to kick him out - suggesting everything from nursing homes to tube feedings to parenteral nutrition. It would probably help if he could just have IVs at home for a week or so for the fluids as he's able to gradually increase his tolerance to eating and drinking. I notice that a lot of you list IVs under your treatments. How do you manage to do this at home? Details please.

And what kind of luck have you had with mestinon for helping food to digest instead of it just sitting in your stomach?

With a grateful heart,

Mike's Mom


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Since your son is still in the hospital and it sounds like they are wanting to release him then I would suggest you talk to the Dr about getting home health care. Check with your insurance to see what coverage you have.

Home health care can keep an eye on him and keep the IV's going and they will teach you how to change bags etc. It's really fairly simple; I live alone and managed fine (the only thing I could NOT do was insert a needle but I could take them out if I needed to). However, in your sons case, if it looks like it will be a week or two of IV fluids they may want to place a PICC line.

If you don't feel comfortable talking to the Dr then ask for a social work consult....they are usually great at helping to advocate for discharge planning. Also, home health would be much cheaper and comfortable for all of you so if your insurance starts to give you grief have the Dr tell them the option is nursing home or home health!!

Good luck and please do keep us posted. Don't give up!!

As for Mestinon, I can't help you much on that one because I have tried it several times and it did not work well for me.

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