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Abdominal Pulsating

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I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this. i have many abdominal/GI issues and recently began to feel a pulsating sensation under my rib cage on the right side. It sort of feels like when I was pregnant and would feel the baby kick. I can actually see it sometimes. Had an ultrasound which only showed a small kidney stone. Could this sensation be related to dysautnomia?

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I get this too.

If it's something new please make sure to mention it to your Dr. There are some serious things that can cause this type of sensation and you want to make sure they have been ruled out.

Aside from that, obviously I'm no Dr., but I don't know that this symptom is from dysautonomia directly. Statistically speaking, it is MOST likely to be a muscle spasm (in this case either of the small bowel or the intestines based on where you describe it). But again, do have it checked out.

Sometimes a warm, moist compress will relieve it if it's muscle spasms.

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Hey I've had this too....I was thinking maybe it was because I have IBS.

Very weird though and not a great feeling when you know there's no baby making the kicking sensations. Mine too could be seen and it made my friend flip out!! I'm glad I can keep my friends entertained! :)


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I am sorry for the dumb question but what is a bolus of food?

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